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jshanab 09:11 Good Morning people
kylehuff 09:11 morning
jshanab 09:11 Before I write one, I was wondering if anyone knows of a library to check if processes are running. I have a plugin that needs to check for other processes on the box
kylehuff 09:11 jshanab: I seem to remember that (Boost license) had some support for processes information. I was looking at it for other reasons, so I have no personal experience with that area.
jshanab 09:11 Ok, I have used POCO before. (but not in a plugin) I also have used SIGAR but it was more for info about my process and has not been updated in 4 years. I need somthing small so I will probably create this one. I will have a closer look at poco, iirc, it is a lot of small libraries just so you can cherry pick
The docs look like the boost process or SIGAR. current process info, creation etc. I need to check if another process is running!
Another problem I am having is when I built on linux, it never shows up in the browser. I wonder if FireFox tries to initialize it and if it fails to initialize it marks it and moves on. I actually see "[INVALID]" in the pluginreg.dat. Anyone see that behaviour before? I cannot get it be recognized let alone instanitiated.
kylehuff 09:11 jshanab: I've found that Firefox usually outputs to the console when loading the plugin fails to load, and sometimes it has useful output
jshanab 09:11 That is the weird part. No console output at all and it is all staticlly linked except for one lib and ldd seems happy. I have written 4 plugins on linux and never had this one.
kylehuff 09:11 huh. that's weird.
jshanab 10:11 My requirements are only windows and Mac and I have a Mac build machine on on its way, I was just trying to get a headstart on the cross platform work (plus I would like it to work on linux) I wonder if the fact that it is all 64 bit makes a difference.
jshanab 10:11 Boy that discussion on the "Post NPAPI" world is scary. I have alread seen google stuff now breaking of firefox. They say "does it work on chrome? Oh well thats it then, it is a browser problem." So if the can force a non-standard they win. Sounds like Microsoft to me.
kylehuff 11:11 yes, I am very disappointed in their entire approach to this.
jshanab 12:11 Google has gone nuts. They will kill themselfs eventually when people really find out what they do nowadays.
jshanab 14:11 Aren't cpp files placed in the Win (or Mac or X11) folders included in and built automatically?
jshanab 15:11 Anyone there. I have a weird problem. CPP files are definitely being built in Win folder, but I get linking errors. I think I have been staring at it too long
jshanab 15:11 How do the cpp files, built in the projectdef.cmake (into object files) in the WIN folder get linked into the plugin?
kylehuff 16:11 jshanab: right, wrong or indifferent, I use cmake "add_library" command; example:
after adding the library, I add it to the "target_link_libraries" directive
jshanab 16:11 OK, I was not considering a single object file as a library.
That was obsucred by the macro
kylehuff 16:11 oh, okay, I didn't catch that you are including source, not a library, for that, you should just need the cpp files pulled in. my cpp files are not platform specific, so I have them in the root and use the cmake "FILE" for that; example:
the SET() command at line 44 pulls those in.
(if nothing else, forcing the inclusion of the files with "FILE()" and "SET()" will tell if it is just not pulling in your source files in the platform dirs [X11, Win, etc])
jshanab 16:11 I didn't have to do that before. I can't see what changed. Like I said, I have been looking at it too long. Thanks.
There is a glob in the WIN ProjectDef which causes the build, it just doesn't link
jshanab 17:11 It still does not work. Maybe I will see it in the morning.