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jshanab 06:11 I ported my newest plugin over to linux last night and it built. But for some reason the plugin does not show as registered in the browser. I deleted the pluginreg.dat, I am using a smlink and LDD shows all the libs are linked. What am I forgetting? I noticed the last line of the generated pluginreg.dat is "[INVALID] " but I cannot see any error messages during creation
Arman 23:11 hi every body and excuse me for my bad eng language. im beginner to develop plugin . i have a tast that i must get current load url before loaded at browser and i must check it for phishing or .... !! maybe i want to stop the loading or redirection to other site and ... like these !! ofcourse its better if i can write cross-platform and cross-browser (for firefox, chrome, ...) please help i must use plugin or extension ?!! and how c