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mike_roz 10:11 hi i've got a question: signing dmg installer is pretty easy - using codesign, but have you any idea how to do it when using productbuild --sign on osx?
because i'm getting "An installer signing identity is required for signing" errror
have anyone same problem?
taxilian 10:11 mike_roz you have to have the cert installed in the keychain and you have to unlock the keychain
it's a bit of a pain; I'll be figuring it out again in the next week or two, but I haven't had a chance to get back to it yet
mike_roz 10:11 i've already installed cert
in keychain, but what do you mean by unlock it?
taxilian 10:11 I mean that to access the keychain it has to be open
and there is a way to do it from the command line
the line I'm using to codesign is: codesign -f -s "3rd Party Mac Developer Application: GradeCam Corporation" -v "GradeCam Installer/Install GradeCam"
however, it requires the correct cert to be installed and will normally either prompt for a password or just fail, I forget
mike_roz 10:11 ok
taxilian 10:11 security unlock-keychain -p "yourpassword" /Users/Shared/Jenkins/Library/Keychains/login.keychain
mike_roz 10:11 but have you ever use productsign or productbuild --sign command to build pkg installer?
taxilian 10:11 nope
mike_roz 10:11 because codesign works for me but productbuild doesn't
taxilian 10:11 creepy
sorry I misunderstood your original question
mike_roz 10:11 anyway thanks for help
taxilian 10:11 are you sure you don't codesign the output of productbuild?
mike_roz 10:11 yea, i think it is issue with installer signing identity
taxilian 10:11 could be
we use an applescript installer
mike_roz 10:11 yes and i've modified it for my purposes
i've added pkgbuild command to create pkg and then put it into dmg
so it looks like java installer (with click me to install file) not like others (drag and drop install)
taxilian 11:11 sounds exciting
Pitchai 21:11 Hi, I created a build for 64bit. But it it didn't create installer project. I set the environment variable to Wix Toolset too. What am I missing? Please help
Pitchai 21:11 I could create the installer project for 32 bit.....