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mkoch 09:11 hi
the plugin I built with <1.7 firebreath has the name SPlayer. now when I built it with 1.7, it's called npSplayer. what's the reason behind it? can I simply rename it?
rcompton78 09:11 No the npapi plugin require np in front of it as far as I know
That is how browsers know what DLL's are npapi plugins
mkoch 09:11 I missed the information that I have it on Mac
taxilian 09:11 mkoch: I believe you can rename the bundle itself just fine, yes
mkoch 09:11 thanks
mike_roz 12:11 hi
i've got problem with firebreath plugin on osx, could anyone help?
taxilian 12:11 hard to say if you don't tell us what the problem is
mike_roz 12:11 i'd like to run another process (star .jar with new java process)
i've used system(), but it freezes the plugin
so i went into fork/exec and there is a problem
it is possible that plugin have no rights to create new process with fork()?
because new process is created but immediatelly it is killed or
because new process is created but immediatelly it is killed
taxilian 13:11 I use boost:process to do the same thing
mike_roz 13:11 i've read that boost::process has some bugs?
is it fixed?
taxilian 13:11 it's not final release, no
mike_roz 13:11 but you say that it's working?
taxilian 13:11 yes, it works fine
here is my code:
mike_roz 13:11 great, thanks i will look into it.
i've got also a problem with logging, i'm using FBLOG_INFO with log_method_file and console
but none of them is working
is it permission problem?
because when i add code you posted in
it works
i mean LogMethod_File works, but LogMethod_Console doesn't
taxilian 13:11 where are you looking to see it in the console?
mike_roz 13:11 i was looking in osx console, web console and xcode output
taxilian 13:11 it's possible that they've started redirecting the output differently in whichever web browser you used; generally the shows it, but sometimes not immediately
file based logging is always the most reliable
mike_roz 13:11 ok, i get it.
of so random - i've got problem with website - is it down or it is only my local problem?
taxilian 13:11 seems down; hang on
restarted confluence; we'll see if it comes back by itself or not. I need to go grab lunch, if it's down when I get back I'll look into it more
mike_roz 13:11 ok greath
thanks a lot
with your help