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mkoch 13:11 hello
I haven't been here for long :) the plugin we wrote works quite well, but yesterday I decided to upgrade firebreath below it and faced some issues. could you help? :)
I tried to compile both the dev and the 1.7 branch on a freshly installed mac, using the example projects
unfortunately both failed with similar error messages: they miss the Localized.rsrc file
mkoch 14:11 the other problem is that if I try to compilr the code we made half a year ago, with the recently updated Mac OS and XCode I get an error in the NpapiCore
complaining about a "Semantic issue: Cannot define the implicit default assignment operator for 'boost::exception_detail::type_info_', because non-static reference member 'type_' can
't use default assignment operator
in boost/exception/detail/type_info.hpp:53
taxilian 14:11 mkoch: haven't seen that one
did you try deleting the build directory and reprepping?
mkoch 14:11 taxilian: I did it from a fresh git checkout
taxilian 14:11 odd
I'll give it a try
maybe something recent broke thigns
mkoch 14:11 oh wait. now I deleted build and rerun prep
I noticed some errors. last time I just checked that the project was created and didn't look for any errors
it says:
failed to find CoreServices/CoreServices.r
here's the full error:
and it's a FAQ on the Firebreath site, but it suggests that I need to download the command line tools.
but I have those already
(I use ports, that needs commandline tools as well)
mkoch 15:11 taxilian: ok, partly resolved, at least the localization issue. remains the semantic issue, here's the full error list:
taxilian 15:11 haven't seen that before; can you build FBTestPlugin?
mkoch 15:11 on 1.7 or on dev?
taxilian 15:11 on whatever you're using that you get this error
mkoch 15:11 sec, let me make a clean build, to make sure
taxilian 15:11 fbtestplugin builds fine for me
mkoch 15:11 there is stg really wierd going on here. I deleted buildex, run prep and built fbtestplugin on 1.7 -> failed. then I run prep again without deleting the buildex and built again -> success.
now I did the same for dev, and like earlier, the buildex created 1st time failed to build
now I run again prep anc compiling it again and so far there is no error...
and it succeeded
taxilian 15:11 huh
mkoch 15:11 yes...
now I try to use 1.7 for my project
btw do you have a mac?
would that be too much to ask you to try to build my project? (on Mac, it's easy, run, then build in xcode)
taxilian 16:11 I am on mac, yes, but I don't have time right now to try yours
maybe tomorrow
sorry :-/
mkoch 16:11 no problem, I narrowed down the problem and right now it's not related to FB any more
thanks anyway!