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mike_roz 02:12 hi
i've got problem with security in safari
what i have to do to improve security level in my plugin?
Ilya_ 07:12 Hello! I have a question about FBTestPlugin. I've tested file download (SimpleStreams.h) and noticed that it doesn't handle onStreamDataArrived event, because FB::PluginEventSinkPtr and FB::BrowserStreamPtr becomes null after we leave StreamsTest::run() method. Making this pointers static solve this problem but I don't think that its right way. So, is the example(downloaded fireberath.1.7 from website) correct or I missing something
mik141 15:12 hi, i've got problem with my plugin on osx. I want to get the version of my plugin so i'm adding it to filename, but when i install newer version old file is not removed. anyone have any idea how to improve it?
mik141 15:12 my output file is named np_plugin_v1.plugin
and when increase version it is names np_plugin_v2.plugin etc
taxilian 15:12 and you deleted the old one?
mik141 15:12 no and my question is how to do it automatically?
ilya_ 09:12 Hello. How can i watch today chat history?
taxilian 15:12 did you install it as the same .plugin/ bundle name?
mik141 15:12 and another question: are there any log files from this irc channel? i've found it on but it is not actual
taxilian 15:12 ? it should be "actual"
hmm; not up to date for some reason
let me look into that
mik141 15:12 if there is no way to automatically delete old files is there any way to put version number to plugin description?
taxilian 15:12 what do you mean by automatically delete old files?
I'm very confused
this sounds like install; that's not part of firebreath at all, though there are some examples and helpers included to get you started
how are you installing it?
okay; then that's something you'll have to figure out with a pkg installer. I have no idea what its capabilities are
mik141 15:12 ok thanks - but do you have any idea how to add version number to plugin description?
taxilian 15:12 edit your PluginConfig.cmake and then rerun the prep script
mik141 15:12 and what key is responsible for plugin description?
taxilian 15:12 have you looked at PluginConfig? it should be pretty obvious
mik141 15:12 yea you've right, sorry for being tiring
taxilian 15:12 saves me time in the long run
I'm updating logs, btw
not sure why it hasn't been loading logs lately; cronjob must not be working
I'll fix it
mik141 15:12 thanks a lot, i've noticed that
and i've got the last question: is it any way to improve security level of plugin so safari 7 will not block plugin and ask users for trust it? because now my plugin in safari preferences is visible as unsafe.
taxilian 15:12 no idea; that's a pretty recent thing
if you figure it out please let me know
mik141 15:12 ok thanks a lot for help
taxilian 15:12 yw
jshanab 16:12 Soooo. If the plugin uses libFoo inside the frameworks directory the reference in the library and the plugin are both @loader_path/../Fireworks/libFoo.
But what is the reference if libFoo now needs LibBar in the same Frameworks forlder? @loader_path/libBar or @loader_path/../Fireworks/libBar?
taxilian 16:12 I don't really remember on all of that
ti's a pain, though
jshanab 16:12 Well. I have figured out how dtruss can tell me. But it is gonna take a trial and error, and error and error methodology ;-)
jshanab 17:12 Here is a good one. The plugin is loaded as part of the startup of Firefox. That is why it shows up in the about: plugins. But when I load the test page, The @loader_path has changed and all loading fails!
So... Absolute paths it is ?
taxilian, Is it possible FF has changed something on us? Do we need to add a libFOO to the FBTestPlugin ? (twilight zone music)
taxilian 17:12 FBTestPlugin isn't working either?
jshanab 17:12 Does it have a library?
It worked until I added the library
I followed the guide on the wiki, the one that uses change_loader_path
taxilian 17:12 FBTestPlugin doesn't have any libraries that I know of. I have used libraries before, in my work plugin, and I had to do a lot of painful playing with that stuff
jshanab 17:12 I had a whole bunch in my plugins before. I can't test without setting up the other side. I am gonna try hard codeing to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins althought I don't want to leave it that way. I can also check against loki, it is a plugin useing their library
jshanab 17:12 In case it matters. I am on a brand new mac with 10.8.5 and FF 25.0.1
taxilian 17:12 would not expect it to matter
jshanab 18:12 I don't understand it. dtruss shows it loads it all and all the libraries after I load in the test page, but then it tries to reload the plugin in the applications/ folder whihc of course fails.
jshanab 18:12 Sometimes I wonder what idiot thought that it was a good idea to restart a browser to the same page that crashed it by default