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jshanab 09:11 Is there a way to enforce a single plugin in a page? Use a singleton and let each insance start with a getInstance()? Or just trust the javascript to get it right
jshanab 10:11 What happened to getRequiredParameter ?
boostOptional or varient...
GetParam is not found in the wiki search and not listed in breaking changes page. I think there is some wiki updating to do.. How new is this change? My existing plugin is gonna break on update.
Is FB::varieant prefered?
jshanab 15:11 I started the other day with a fresh check out on a new plugin and I have managed, with minor additions, to get the dreaded weakhost expired assertions. Any hints on where I should look for my circualar dependency?
It is tied to where I start a worker thread, but it completes. If I run the worker then later when I exit the page I get the assertion. If I just load the plugin and call the echo function, it is ok when I close it down.
taxilian 15:11 jshanab: which additions?
sounds like your worker thread somewhere isn't getting released
or wait
is it saying that the weak ptr has already expired or that it isn't?
jshanab 15:11 yeah. I just removed a shared_from_this on a boost bind and it went away.
taxilian 15:11 ahh
jshanab 15:11 I used that before. Not sure why that doesn't work now. Hey I discovered getRequiredParameter is deprecated. I see boost option or FB::Variant. Which is the "proper" way to go
taxilian 15:11 I honestly don't remember what getRequiredParameter did
jshanab 15:11 Me neither, but I had my params divided into required and not required ones. This plugin does not have a lot of params so I chose the FB::Variant version, I like the variant class
taxilian 15:11 when you say param, you're talking about param tags?
jshanab 15:11 yes