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joy_ 01:11 I'm trying to create a pointer object (class from external library). My usage is ControlPoint *ctrlPoint; ctrlPoint=new ControlPoint();
What I call 2nd statement "ctrlPoint=new ControlPoint();", plugin fails to load.
Any inputs?
reichi 01:11 most probably your constructor simply fails
in ControlPoint()
joy_ 01:11 ok
reichi 01:11 put a try-catch around it
and log the exception (if any occurs)
joy_ 01:11 thank you for the inputs. Let me try.
joy_ 02:11 I don't see any exception.
Can NPAPI use any c++ shared library?
reichi 02:11 sure, why not
joy_ 02:11 I'm trying to use CyberLinkCC (UPnP) library.
reichi 02:11 i would've guessd UPnP ;)
controlpoint sounds a lot like it
joy_ 02:11 yes
reichi 02:11 well
i think you'll have to wait for taxillian
I'm not much of a help there ./
joy_ 02:11 ok, thank you.
reichi 02:11 what can be a problem is that e.g. IE puts you in a sandbox
where you can't do certain things