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Pitchai 04:11 Hi, I am new to c++ and firebreath...
I am developing a sample plugin using firebreath... I could refer the samples given and manage to create a test plugin
Now can any one help me know how to create the UI part????
Beau 11:11 I got a question for the firebreath team. I am writing a plugin which has some special requirements. It needs the ability for all instances of the plugin to share some static data...
This data includes some running threads that work to support all instances of the plugin....
In Firefox, it works great. All tabs across all Firefox windows have my plugin loaded in a single process, so I have no problem sharing this data.
But for IE, each tab loads my plugin in a separate process. I am looking for the cleanest way to solve this. My first question for the masters here is: If I convert the ActiveX control to an EXE, so it is an out-of-process server, will that work?
nirvdrum 11:11 Beau: You should be able to define a shared data segment, like here:
(Note that that's not Firebreath, but should work the same)
You'll need that linker line, too.
Obviously there's a boatload of caveats with sharing data between processes. But I'm sure you're aware.
taxilian 11:11 interesting. IE used to use the same process for all instances
Beau 11:11 I have looked at the shared data segments, but I think they will will not work because of the shared threads.
@taxilian - yes, that is what I read from you on the firebreath site. I was surprised by it.
I am using IE10 on Win7
taxilian 11:11 this isn't a firebreath problem; this is just an architectural issue with your plugin
Beau 11:11 Is it possible a misconfiguration would cause this?
taxilian 11:11 firebreath can't do anything to help you with this
Beau 11:11 Right, I know this isn't firebreath's issue. I was just wanting some advice from people who knew a lot more about ActiveX than I did.
taxilian 11:11 unfortunately that isn't something I've needed to solve; nirvdrum's solution is probably the only one you'll find here
Beau 11:11 Ok. Thanks for your time.
One last question. When I am testing my plugin in IE, I am loading a local file. It always says it is blocking active content and I have to manually allow it. Could that be the cause of the multiple processes?