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mpb 03:11 hi anyone in?
mpb 03:11 hi
Guest44535 05:11 hi everyone
i have a quick query regarding firebreath
can i call or invoke my share library of my android application from android browser such as google chrome?
in webapplication using javascript and firebreath
reichi 05:11 i think npapi is disabled on android
I'm not entirely certain though
mpb 05:11 hi sorry i don't have any about android apps
i have another FB plugin not working on win 7
it is built using VS 2010 on 64-bit system,registered successfully but then not accessible from browser.any suggestions?
reichi 06:11 i can't help you there, sorry
mpb 06:11 can anyone help me regarding this?
reichi 06:11 taxillian is american
i guess he'll be here in 2 hours or something like that