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NguyenHungA5 01:11 hello every body
I have problem with Firebreath 1.7, I cannot install dll on windows Xp
Please help me
nguyenhunga5 02:11 :) sorry I disconnec
every body help me?
mpb 03:11 hi guys i have already mentioned problem i'm facing,but again repeating it.I created FB plugin,built using prep script for VS 2005 which generated 32-bit dll.Now i want to use this plugin on win 7 64-bit and 64-bit browsers .For doing so i built a dll on 64-bit m/c in VS 2010 and prep script for VS 2010 x64 .But still it is not working.Can anybody help?Previously as suggested by taxilian i created a new plugin from scrath on 64-bit s