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pbuser 11:11 Hi. I'm trying to add Visual Studios 2012 to my cmake Generators list (have "CMake Error: Could not create named generator Visual Studio 12")
I tried re-installing CMake 2.8.12, but it didn't help
btw I was following the "Getting Started with Firebreath on Windows Tutorial" guide and got stuck there
taxilian 11:11 pbuser: that means that cmake can't find vs2012
it doesn't think you have it installed
reinstalling vs2012 would be more likely to fix the issue than reinstalling cmake
pbuser 11:11 I see. I'll try that now
It's fine if I install VS2012 Express, right? as I don't have the full version
taxilian 11:11 theoretically it might work, but you may have to install the ddk or something to get ATL; honestly I'm not sure if it will work or not
I know vs2010 express works w/ the ddk, but I can't remember if we've confirmed anything using it with 2012 express
pbuser 12:11 I tried re-installing both VS2010 and VS2012. My Cmake still doesn't have any of them in the Generators list
Here's what I get with cmake --help: