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TzilTzal 04:11 Hi
kylehuff 12:11 may or may not be useful to anyone, but, in my testing, for native-messaging, there seems to be no need to install a binary on the host system outside of the chrome extension file structure. a manifest merely needs to placed in the appropriate area on the filesystem, which references the binary in the extension dir.
and being that the interaction is stdin/stdout, there is no need to create a service
(maybe it was just me, but I was under the impression that a service/daemon needed to be listening for requests from the browser, and publish the access information in the native-messaging app manifest)
taxilian 13:11 but the manifest still has to be installed seperate from the extension?
kylehuff 13:11 taxilian: yes. either a manifest file in Linux/OSX or a registry key in Windows.
so, it is still terrible, however, less terrible than I had originally imagined.
taxilian 13:11 fair enough
keep me posted what else you learn
no way to transfer binary data, from what I understand
(I'm mostly AFK today; getting everything out of the office before the sheetrock guys get here in 2.5 hours)
kylehuff 13:11 will do. and yes, only JSON formatted strings, unfortunately.
taxilian 23:11 mpb: what do you mean by "no output" when you run prep2010x64.cmd?
mpb_ 23:11 i built fb plugin using vs 2005 on windows xp 32-bit.It works fine with my html page on win xp 32-bit.But when i want to use it on win 7 64-bit it has problem
taxilian 23:11 couple of things
first, which browsers are you talking about?
mpb_ 23:11 IE9 and Chrome 30
i am not getting where exactly i went wrong
one more thing-i tried registering 32-bit dll using regsvr32 from syswow64
taxilian 23:11 won't help
a 32 bit dll is a 32 bit dll
*however* most of the time your browser (even on a 64 bit OS) is 32 bit on windows
mpb_ 23:11 ok
taxilian 23:11 Chrome 30 is 32 bit on windows unless you explicitly installed a 64 bit version
and IE9 will be 32 bit unless you found and ran the 64 bit version
mpb_ 23:11 but IE9 is 64-bit
taxilian 23:11 did you click the "Internet Explorer (64 bit)" or just "Internet Explorer"?
mpb_ 23:11 "Internet Explorer (64 bit)"
taxilian 23:11 okay; then yeah, that won't work unless you build a 64 bit version
however, very few people use that
most use the 32 bit version
and a 64 bit plugin won't work on a 32 bit browser
and vise versa
so with Chrome 30 you are quite likely experiencing a different issue; with IE9 if you're intentionally opening 64 bit then it is likely the 64 bit issue
but what happens when you run prep2010x64.cmd? You said earlier you get "no output"?
please answer quickly; I need to go to bed
mpb_ 23:11 alright i have used prep2010x64.cmd and built dll,registered it successfully.Now when i opened webpage in browser and want to use plugin function there plugin is invalidated
taxilian 23:11 invalidated? what does that mean?
mpb_ 23:11 i checked if plugin.valid(),if it's not valid then give spme message and in IE9 it gives me that msg and IE crashes
taxilian 23:11 have you made any changes to the plugin, or is this basically fresh from fbgen?
mpb_ 23:11 no changes made
taxilian 23:11 hmm. honestly I don't know; I'd recommend trying to attach a debugger to IE and see if you can catch the crash
but it's happening on plugin startup I'm not sure
doesn't sound like anything typical that I've seen
try building FBTestPlugin as well; see if that works
mpb_ 23:11 ok will try and if i get something will post
taxilian 23:11 I really need to go to bed now, though; it's late and I'm exhausted. try me again during business hours my time (in about 9 hours) and I'll likely be more repsonsive
good luck