IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2013-11-04

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kannan_ 21:11 Hi all... please suggest.... how to use firebreath plugin convert into desktop as consol application... is it possible
taxilian 21:11 I'm not sure I understand your question; you have a console application, and you want to make it into a plugin?
kannan_ 21:11 already created the plugin... that works for web... shall I convert same solution into windows apllications???
i want this plugin dll to use as both, web and windows applications
taxilian 21:11 it would be easier to create your own intermediate library
and use that library in both the desktop and the plugin
hosting a FireBreath plugin is not a trivial task; we simply didn't design it in a way to make that easy
it was designed to be a browser plugin framework
kannan_ 22:11 ok I'll try and let you know... thanks for the suggestions