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ceterumnet 07:10 howdy everyone, I'm running into some issues with IE11 - when I use addEventListener against the plugin element - none of my events appear to captured by the eventListener - do these events have a different naming convention with IE11? I know previously, we had to use attachEvent even on IE9 etc...
taxilian 08:10 ceterumnet: in IE you have to use attachEvent
but there is a semi-known issue that it may not be working
ceterumnet 08:10 taxilian: it doesn't seem to be supported in IE11
taxilian 08:10 along with an issue explaining how to fix it
though I haven't had time to try it out, and I don't have a machine w/ windows 8.1 and/or ie 11
ceterumnet 08:10 taxilian: cool - I have Windows 8.1 and IE11 hereā€¦I'll try and see if I can get it all working and then I will submit a pull request if I succeed
taxilian 08:10 sounds good
amazing to me how often someone will test the issue, find a fix, and isn't willing to submit a pull request...
I guess they want me to earn my pay? but they don't realize somehow that I don't get paid for this? =]
ceterumnet 08:10 hehe
taxilian 09:10 ceterumnet was that pull request from you?
ceterumnet 09:10 taxilian: nope
taxilian 09:10 someone else did it, then
ceterumnet 09:10 lol
I just made a similar change
I was testing it
taxilian 09:10 hehe
ceterumnet 09:10 if (args.size() == 2 || args.size() == 3) {
that was my change
taxilian 09:10 pretty much the same
ceterumnet 09:10 yup
seems to work btw
taxilian 09:10 excellent
ceterumnet 09:10 btw - this wasn't limited to Win 8.1 - it was IE11 on Windows 7 as well...fwiw