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taxilian 00:10 the website is not working and I don't know why
this is actually rather frustrating (in case anyone didn't guess that)
reichi 00:10 :/
it works here
taxilian 00:10 I guess I might have to try to do a rush migration tonight to the new serer
reichi 00:10 at least the wiki works
taxilian 00:10 it's back up
maybe it was just really slow coming up...
reichi 00:10 well done! ;)
taxilian 00:10 I do need to migrate it
reichi 00:10 maybe
taxilian 00:10 but I just have been exhausted
reichi 00:10 *ITS MAGIC*!
taxilian 00:10 lol
reichi 00:10 i migrated to a new server last year for my private stuff
taxilian 00:10 I actually have a VM server that is owned by that I can put things on
(hamstudy is one of my side projects)
reichi 00:10 but i hate that, too
i was already hoping it's about actual ham!
(so i'm hungry now)
taxilian 00:10 lol
Guest18205 10:10 On a Mac, I'm looking for a way to identify the AUXIElement for the window in which my plugin is operating. The CGWindowID would probably suffice. I'm currently using the FBMAC_USE_COREANIMATION setting, but I've poked around with the other settings and not found anything that helps me any more in those other drawing modes. Any suggestions?
taxilian 10:10 you almost certainly cannot do so
because you are in a different process from the actual window
so you aren't really drawing in a window
you're drawing in a CGContext or a CALayer that is then drawn to the other process
Guest18205 10:10 That makes sense, the CALayer exists only in my plugin and its contents are then transferred beyond my control, but AXUIElements are by definition meant for cross-application (accessibility) communication. Any accessibility client can ask for AXUIElements for all the windows in a given foreign application. No hope?
Even if I knew the index of the window in which my plugin is running, I'd be able to get the AXUIElementRefs for all the windows by index from my plugin.
taxilian 11:10 Guest18205: as far as I know there is no way to find out what window your CALayer is actually being drawn in
I haven't used the AXUIElementRefs stuff, so I don't know anything about them, but my guess is there isn't any way. you could maybe come up with a hack somehow
there is definitely no way using NPAPI