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kalev 07:09 taxilian: hey, where did my name go from ? :)
nirvdrum 08:09
You guys should upvote.
taxilian 08:09 kalev: very good question. I don't know :-/ I'll figure it out and put it back
kalev: fixed
and sorry about that
not sure how it got pulled out
nirvdrum: upvoted
taxilian 09:09 we're at 182 hits so far today
kalev 09:09 yay
taxilian 09:09 incidently, that's more than any day in months except yesterday
so we're doing well; we really need to do a lot more than that, though
so everyone keep thinking of ways you can get the word out =]
nirvdrum 09:09 I just tweeted from the @mogotest account. Dunno if that'll help or not.
taxilian 09:09 I appreciate it
taxilian 10:09 can you guys get to this page?
taxilian 10:09 yep, looks like they put it directly public. They probably review the changes periodically and just revert if there are problems
excelent; it will help everyone to have that page up.
if anyone knows other links to add to it, let me know or put them there yourself =]
taxilian 13:09 kalev: you around?
kalev 13:09 hey Georg
taxilian 13:09 cygmatic: good to see you in here =]
cygmatic 13:09 thought i'd risk a peek :)
taxilian 13:09 kalev: thanks for getting that patch in; I'm thinking we can wait a bit to see if any other bugs surface to put out a release with the fix, as it only happens on a relatively small subset of compilers
cygmatic 13:09 taxilian: nice post by the way
taxilian 13:09 thanks =] now if we could just get any majorish sites to pick it up. Ahh, well :-/
it could still happen
but I'm out of places to submit it
cygmatic 13:09 someone put it into hacker news
taxilian 13:09 nirvdrum did that, I believe
cygmatic 13:09 a friend noticed that and mentioned it to me... so it seemed to get noticed
taxilian 13:09 awesome
we have had about twice as many hits on the project page as usual
not as much of an increase as I'd likeā€¦ but then, the day is only half over
and it is still business hours for a lot of the world
I should rephrase that; about twice as many hits as is normal on a peak day
cygmatic 13:09 well, in the end there aren't *that* many people who care about browser plugin development
so twice as many sounds quite good
taxilian 13:09 true =]
but it would still be nice to see it spike again :-P
nirvdrum 13:09 Yeah, I did hackernews.
I could do reddit, too.
taxilian 13:09 do it do it do it! ;-)
however, I would much prefer to see twice as many and half of those be interested rather than 10 times as many but very few actually interested
cygmatic 13:09 nirvdrum: thanks then, that was a pleasant surprise at work
nirvdrum 13:09 Heh, no problems.
taxilian 13:09 cygmatic: you seen this yet?
they finally set up the mozilla docs to be editable
cygmatic 13:09 taxilian: no, nice
maybe they'll be even somewhat up to date then *g
not 3-10 years old
taxilian 13:09 reading through them, a lot has been done since I last looked
you should check it out
there is even a bunch of new info on windowless plugins
cygmatic 14:09 oh, that reminds me - a person from opera said they improved their initialization fiasco
taxilian 14:09 cool
cygmatic 14:09 i haven't gotten around to testing it however
taxilian 14:09 we should probably do so
and if it works, add it to the list of "supported browsers" on the main page
I really would like to find a better way to fire async events on windows than requiring a window :-/
(meaning when we don't have pluginthreadasynccall)
well, I gotta head to a class. will probably be back on a little later
cygmatic 14:09 see you
taxilian 14:09 if you can think of somewhere that might post the link either as a new release of firebreath or just as a "Year in the life of an open source project" where you haven't tried, please try it =]
cygmatic 14:09 ... and i can't think of a reliable way to get on the UI thread without windows on... windows either
kalev 14:09 taxilian: yeah, no need to rush out a new release for that
nirvdrum 14:09 Upvote if you love it:
amackera 14:09 hey all
cygmatic 14:09 hey anson
taxilian 14:09 Welcome
amackera 14:09 grats on 1.2 :)
taxilian 14:09 And to you, since one of the main new things is your Mac code
So I have my own list, but what do you guys see as the features we should aim for for 1.3?
amackera 14:09 I think windowless plugins
(on windows)
I will get the InvalidatingCoreAnimation in as well, so then we'll support all mac drawing/event models
cygmatic 14:09 ... i brought the OGL thing up because of the term "wishlist" for 1.3 in another mail - i think that might ease adaption for some people
taxilian 14:09 Between The work you've done and new windowless dove on Mozilla windowless seems doable
amackera 14:09 cygmatic: i completely understand where you're coming from
figuring out all this OGL insanity has been a real challenge
taxilian 14:09 That is one that I can't help much with
But I support completely :)
amackera 14:09 I'm just concerned that it might not lend itself very easily to the problem that FireBreath is supposed to solve
taxilian 14:09 We definitely wouldn't want it on by default, but maybe we could start a set of "include if you need them" helpers
amackera 14:09 Honestly I think the best thing is to create sample OGL projects for each platform
taxilian 14:09 That is a very good point
Perhaps it should be a separate project
amackera 14:09 really the only hard part is the initialization
taxilian 14:09 Hmm. Or alternate fbgen templates
amackera 14:09 perhaps fbgen could take a flag -ogl that generates ogl tempaltes
cygmatic 14:09 lets simply say "optional component" for the moment?
taxilian 14:09 Btw, im on my iPad so I type slow and klunky :)
amackera 14:09 haha, ok
taxilian 14:09 Well, one thing i have considered is that we may want to have multiple project templates. If we did that it would be easy to have things like an ogl template, etc
amackera 14:09 I think a blog post on might be a good idea, just explaining the jungle of OGL
taxilian 14:09 But maybe that shoiuld be a different project
amackera 14:09 taxilian: that makes conceptual sense, but it might make it more confusing for new developers
taxilian 14:09 True
I am brainstorming here :)
cygmatic 14:09 yep, i like the flag idea for fbgen
amackera 14:09 options:
1) Add an OpenGL drawing model abstraction in FireBreath
2) Add templates to fbgen to auto-gen the OGL initialization code
taxilian 14:09 I think I am going to nix option 1
amackera 14:09 3) Add OpenGL example plugins to the ones that currently ship with FB (MediaPlayer and FBTestPlugin)
cygmatic 14:09 3) Add sample code for such things
oops, too slow ;)
amackera 14:09 haha
same idea
taxilian: I agree, I don't think it's a very elegant solution
drawing really should be done by the plugin anyway
taxilian 14:09 I am concerned that examples is already too big. Perhaps a linked project. Subtree
amackera 14:09 4) Create a linked project with example plugins (OGL and otherwise!)
cygmatic 14:09 examples too big? basicmediaplayer only has windows code atm :)
taxilian 15:09 Yeah. I think I would almost prefer to make all the examples linked projects
Even fbtestplugin
Maybe not that one, but only because it is the main feature test harness
amackera 15:09 i like having fbtestplugin as an example in FB, personally
taxilian 15:09 Not set on this, just throwing it out to see what you guys think
cygmatic 15:09 well, if there was an ogl abstraction i'd want to have it in FB - external projects are bound to get out of sync and are one more step for beginners
amackera 15:09 it needed to grok it before i could start learning FB
taxilian 15:09 This is the most complete gathering g of fb devs in my memory :)
cygmatic 15:09 i like the examples in it too
taxilian: quick, make a screenshot ;)
amackera 15:09 taxilian: yeah :) informal meeting!
taxilian 15:09 You can make it so hg will automatically grab the other project when you check it out
amackera 15:09 brb i need coffee badly
taxilian 15:09 So you get FireBreath and it checks out the examples too
But that is just a thought. If nobody else likes it I will drop it
cygmatic 15:09 do the examples currently hurt anywhere?
kalev 15:09 I think it's great to have some examples in FB tree
taxilian 15:09 Not now that i added the check to not try to build media player on Mac and Linux
Maybe we keep what is there there and try it out with a new example like ogl
I also was thinking we should try making an activex adapter
cygmatic 15:09 amackera: is core animation supposed to work now?
taxilian 15:09 Iike ff-activex-host
cygmatic 15:09 which is GPL, so recycling/integrating is not possible
i mean LPGL
taxilian 15:09 Yeah, but I don't think it would be that hard
And would be a good example
Actually, we could do it if we.kept it separate from FireBreath
Dual license
amackera 15:09 cygmatic: yes CoreAnimation is supposed to work now, in fact I am using it in my own plugin project
cygmatic: are you having difficulties?
cygmatic: InvalidatingCoreAnimation is not implemented yet, however
I think only Chrome 6 supports that model
cygmatic 15:09 amackera: cool :) just asking because i want to update basicmediaplayer starting with CA if i ever get to it
amackera 15:09 Great idea!
taxilian 15:09 Now that would be awesome
amackera 15:09 if you need any help let me know
cygmatic 15:09 sure, thanks
taxilian 15:09 amackera: How is the launch going?
amackera 15:09 taxilian: not bad, nothing has exploded as of yet
taxilian 15:09 Always a good sign :) send me a link so I can check it out
amackera 15:09 but i am running on about 5 hours sleep in the last 3 or 4 days
taxilian 15:09 I guessed... Haven
Haven't hardly seen you in that long
amackera 15:09 yeah :S it's unfortunate that the 1.2 release coincided with /names
oops sorry
yeah :S it's unfortunate that the 1.2 release coincided with our plugin launch
taxilian 15:09 Yeah
It is the first plugin I know for sure is in the wild using FireBreath
Well, second
So it is good to see go out
amackera 15:09 :D
without firebreath the plugin would not have happened
so thank you for all your hard work, richard :)
taxilian 15:09 The beauty of making something like this open source is that everyone benefits
You are very welcome
Though it is certainly not all thanks to me at this point
This ipad is about 10x more useful now that I have ios 4.2 beta installed
amackera 15:09 Apple keeps spamming me with mails to try out iOS 4.2, what's different about it?
taxilian 15:09 For the iphone? Little to nothing
For ipad? Well, ipad is running ios 3.2
So it has no folders, only singlre exchange, no multitasking...
The biggest thing about 4.2 is it works onboth ipad and iphone
And i gurss it also has game center
amackera 15:09 I see, yes those features are worth it
it's worth it for multitasking alone
taxilian 15:09 Right
I can do other things and come back to colloquy and it is still connected
But now class is over, so time to get going
Gotta finish getting ready for a test
amackera 17:09 Hmm there is something wrong with our model negotiation on 10.5
mac os x 10.5 that is
doesn't seem to negotiate coreAnimation for chrome
taxilian 18:09 Huh. Thats not good
But only on 10.5 Chrome?