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void___ 07:10 hiii
Could anyone please tell us about FocusCahnged Event of the Plugin how it works and how it is implemented?
rcompton78 10:10 Any news on ppapi? Anyone get a chance to try it on the weekend??
taxilian 10:10 rcompton78 I'm working on it, but I've spent 3 days (literally) trying to get the chromium codebase synced
rcompton78 10:10 yikes
ok thanks for the update.
DanWiedeback 13:10 Hey all, have a question that may have been asked before. I'm trying to internationalize a plugin, and I'm running into issues with how Firebreath handles paths and logs.
Looks like Firebreath converts paths from wstring to UTF-8, but then converts UTF-8 back to wstring for log4cplus.
Why the conversion? Wouldn't it be better to leave everything as wstring?
Essentially if someone has a strange code in their username (e.g. c:\Users\Ümläütß\AppData\...) the conversion will strip those characters. Then when the logger tries to open the path, it will fail.