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Marl 01:10 Does anyone here knows how to get a property of document? like document.title or document.domain?
reichi 01:10
getting a prop is essentially the same
you "simply" cast the property instead of calling invoke on it :)
Marl 01:10 can you make an example?
how can I cast the property?
is it like std::string title = (std::string)obj->Invoke("title", FB::variant_list_of(""));
reichi 01:10 no
Marl 01:10 or like this window->getNode("document")->getProperty<std::string>("domain");
reichi 01:10 .convert_cast<std::string>()
Marl 01:10 obj->Invoke("title", FB::variant_list_of("")).convert_cast<std::string>(); <<<<<<<<<<<<< like this?
reichi 01:10 no
invoke invokes a method
something like this
Marl 01:10 ow I see
I keep using getDOMWindow when m_host has getDOMDocument().. thanks!
Gaurav_ 03:10 Hello
Guest85831 03:10 I was a bit stuck trying to load the plugin I have written using firebreath
I wanted to load the plugin window inside a dom element
how do I do that?
corban_ 09:10 Hello everyone!
i have a question
I working with Firebreath 1.7, MacOSX 10.8.3, Xcode 4.6.3. I want add boost::chrono as static library to my plugin. After running i have my_plugin bundle target. I choose my_plugin target in project/targets tab and don't see option "Link binary With Libraries". How i can add boost::chrono library to my_plugin by another method?
taxilian 09:10 reichi: getDOMDocument()->getProperty<std::string>("bla") actually does the same thing as what you told him
reichi 10:10 :'oh
my firebreath'ish is a little rusty
taxilian 10:10 hehe
rcompton78 10:10 any news or luck with ppapi not sandboxed in Nacl?
taxilian 10:10 nothing new
but I may work on it today
rcompton78 10:10 ok any other news at all I have been away from the IRC yesterday?
I got websockets working using mongoose server as the websockets server wish wss and ws
taxilian 10:10 heh. nope. have you tested firefox and ie w/ websockets yet?
rcompton78 10:10 no just chrome...that's a good thought.
since firefox doesn't do ppapi and as far as I have read won't...any thoughts for that browser?
taxilian 10:10 yeah; npapi
rcompton78 10:10 are they not weeding it out as well?
taxilian 10:10 they haven't yet indicated any definite plans to remove npapi
rcompton78 10:10 oh hmm
taxilian 10:10 just click to play
rcompton78 10:10 so just chrome has?
taxilian 10:10 so far
rcompton78 10:10 oh is that all?
taxilian 10:10 I'm not saying that won't change, but I'd rather plan for what is actually known
rcompton78 10:10 that's not bad
ya for sure
taxilian 10:10 contingency ideas are good, of course =]
rcompton78 10:10 give us a little rope
contigency plans? is a lot of whisky an option?
taxilian 10:10 heh
not one I recommend, but each to their own…. =]
rcompton78 10:10 :)
rcompton78 11:10 so a few quick test results for webscokets chrome http page -> ws works, https page -> wss server works, https page to ws server works
IE http page -> ws works, https page to wss works but https -> ws does not
fire fox is same as IE
I just self signed a localhost cert for my wss server
browsers had issues with the localhost cert until I added to trusted ones but in production a proper cert would work just fine which is an option...
kylehuff 16:10 taxilian: I ended up working two back-to-back 20hr days tuesday and wednesday and never got around to putting together that ppapi sample.
taxilian 16:10 ahh
nirvdrum 16:10 Slacker.
kylehuff 16:10 I know, right... I need a haircut and a real job.
I got a fancy coin from the lieutenant colonel for all my trouble though... the coin is worthless, but having the next 4 days off will sort of make up for it.