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kalev 04:09 taxilian_away: you guess you meant issue 64
taxilian 07:09 kalev: I did indeed =] thanks
I sure appreciate you taking that one; it would have taken me a lot longer to track it all down
kalev 07:09 happy to help
so, planning to release 1.2 today?
taxilian 07:09 planning to tomorrow
possibly tonight
but my time it is Wed morning 7:45am
I need to test and finish the cross-thread calls today to make sure they are ready
kalev 07:09 oh, that's early.
it's 4:48pm here
taxilian 07:09 yep =]
gotta love timezones
kalev 09:09 nice check
if (m_htmlWin)
throw std::runtime_error("Cannot find HTML window");
taxilian 09:09 ....
how did that get in there?
it should (obviously) be the other way around
I will fix it =]
kalev 09:09 I already did :)
taxilian 09:09 ok
kalev 09:09 yeah
taxilian 09:09 yep, I see it
well doen =]
I never use that function, so I missed it
amackera 12:09 Compiling a static library into a program only copies the code that is actually *used* by the application, right? Or does it include the entire library into the executable (or DLL in the case of NPAPI plugins)?
taxilian 12:09 depends on the linker
but should be true for the ones we're using
just pulls in the code that is needed
for the record: I hate troubleshooting templates
amackera 12:09 Ok cool
Haha yes me too
the most cryptic errors always somehow originate from tempaltes
taxilian 12:09 "Failed to specialize function template"
gee, that was helpful
amackera 12:09 "Failed because MUAHAHAH!"
taxilian 12:09 right
Georg is trying to help me track it down, but....
still going very very slow
taxilian 13:09 so I think this threading stuff will go into 1.2.1 or 1.3
trying to decide if that's a significant enough feature to justify making it 1.3
'course, if I throw in the security model at the same time it probably is
kalev 13:09 yeah, we already have plenty of great stuff for 1.2
taxilian 13:09 and it is long past time to deploy another release
there are people still using 1.0, for heaven's sake
kalev 13:09 agreed
taxilian 13:09 anyone see any reason not to start the release process now?
kalev 13:09 current trunk works nicely for me
taxilian 13:09 sounds like nikita has signed off on it
thanks to your fix, Kalev
kalev 13:09 :)
for 1.3 there's also amackera's windowsless branch
taxilian 13:09 true
it would be awesome to get that in
amackera 13:09 That sounds reasonable
we have lots of quality stuff for 1.2, got to save *some* features for 1.3 :D
amackera 14:09 taxilian: i'll write a blog post for FB, but nobody really reads my blog :P
still, it can't hurt
taxilian 14:09 when you post it, send me the URL and I will put a link to it from FireBreath
sorry, from my blog post
amackera 15:09 Sure, sounds good
taxilian 15:09 kalev, amackera: do you want your screen name or full name on the "thanks" page on my blog post?
amackera 15:09 ooo
full name plz :) (Anson MacKeracher)
kalev 15:09 ooh
full name please
taxilian 15:09 Kalev Lember, right?
kalev 15:09 yep
taxilian 15:09 since I'm having a hard time remembering everything, tell me what you've contributed
(not that I've forgotten it, just so it's easier for me not to miss anything important)
kalev 15:09 I have contributed just small fixes, nothing major
amackera 15:09 I did Mac support for Cocoa, CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation
taxilian 15:09 schnapple and schmoo are different people, right?
nirvdrum: what name do you want on the credits page, and what have you contributed? (save me some time, here)
nirvdrum 15:09 No need for credits. I haven't gotten anything merged in yet. But, I have a patch for the Windows version required for Win32 API compatibility (was set to something ridiculously old) and something to upgrade boost.
Other than that, I've just been a pain in the ass on the mailing list.
taxilian 15:09 lol. activity on the mailing list is never a bad thing
even if I just list you as "Testing", what name do you want? nirvdrum, or real name?
nirvdrum 15:09 Kevin Menard
If you want to put (nirvdrum) after it, that's fine, too.
I'm not all that picky :-)
taxilian 15:09 that's what I've been doing
nirvdrum 15:09 I used to be really pedantic about name formatting when I was younger and thought it mattered.
taxilian 15:09 any chance you could post something nice about FireBreath somewhere tomorrow? blog post, twitter, website...
nirvdrum 15:09 Sure.
I've pimped you out on Twitter before, but can do it again.
A blog post would be hard, but it's something I'd like to do at some point.
taxilian 15:09 awesome. what is your twitter username?
nirvdrum 15:09 nirvdrum
taxilian 15:09 wow, never would have thought to try that
I am nailixat
nirvdrum 15:09 I'm nothing if not consistent.
taxilian 15:09 can you believe that taxilian was taken?
amackera 15:09 lol
nirvdrum 15:09 I tried once to move to kmenard, something more "professional", but I have so much history with "nirvdrum" that it just wasn't worth it.
Most of my code contributions, IRC, mailing list activity, etc. are all with "nirvdrum." So, I'm stuck with it :-P
Also "nirvdrum" on XBox Live if anyone plays Call of Duty :-)
taxilian 15:09 lol
ok, look over it and let me know what I should change =]
it is not on the web page yet
nirvdrum 15:09 404
taxilian 15:09 drat… there has to be a way I can publish it so that it's not on the home page, but visible to people I send it to
try again
darn. pull it up, let me know, and i'll hide it again :-P
wt… still not working
amackera 15:09
imgs are busted
taxilian 15:09 yeah, fixing
nirvdrum 15:09 Still a 404 for me.
kalev 16:09 antiix -> anttix
amackera 16:09 looks good taxilian_away
nirvdrum 16:09 Well, now I get password page.
taxilian 16:09 password is 1234
images should be fixed now
if anyone can think of sites we could submit FireBreath to to get more attention, that would be good as well
sites like slashdot, ajaxian, etc
nirvdrum 16:09 hackernews
taxilian 16:09 right
nirvdrum 16:09 I have a little link karma there.
taxilian 16:09 hey, anything you guys can do to get word out when I push this would be awesome
nirvdrum 16:09 " and links to it on the NPAPI newsgroup." <-- reads funny.
I read "links" as a verb, not a plural noun.
taxilian 16:09 ok; I will check that
I'm not much of a writer, but it's all we have
so let's see if it is enough to get us any attention
nirvdrum 16:09 "What as more" => "What was more" ?
taxilian 16:09 yeah
nirvdrum 16:09 If you're not interested in copy fixes, let me know.
taxilian 16:09 I am
nirvdrum 16:09 I get some sort of sick pleasure out of editing.
taxilian 16:09 someone else is doing the same thing
nirvdrum 16:09 "you could build a windows plugin with it " <-- Do you mean the OS or as in window-based plugin?
Oops. Next section indicates OS.
My bad. Capitalization would likely help.
taxilian 16:09 yeah
nirvdrum 16:09 Casing on the OS names alternates in the article. Sometimes "linux", sometimes "Linux."
"company contact Georg and I" => "... George and me"
taxilian 16:09 true
kalev 16:09 antiix => anttix
amackera 16:09 When is one supposed to use "and I" vs "and me"?
nirvdrum 16:09 amackera: "I" is when it's the subject. "me" is when it's a direct object.
nominative VS accusative case.
taxilian 16:09 yeah, I actually know that
nirvdrum 16:09 The simplest way to check is if it's "X and I" just remove the "X and" and see if it still makes sense.
taxilian 16:09 I just don't remember it when I write =]
nirvdrum 16:09 taxilian: Yeah, amackera asked.
taxilian 16:09 oh, didn't see it
kalev 16:09 just fix antiix so I can go to bed and stop nagging :P
taxilian 16:09 kalev: fixed =]
kalev 16:09 thanks, night!
taxilian 16:09 sleep well and wake
nirvdrum 16:09 So, in this case it would read "after having a company contact I" (after removing "Georg and"). That doesn't sound right. A company would contact "me."
amackera 16:09 nirvdrum: thanks, i see now
nirvdrum 16:09 No problem.
amackera: What's funny is for years people used "X and me" incorrectly. Like "X and me went to the mall." I think they got beaten so badly into saying "X and I" that it's pretty common for people to use "X and I" incorrectly :-P
"About the time I publish this blog post, FireBreath 1.2 will be released." seems like a strange phrasing to me.
But, I guess it's technically fine.
taxilian 16:09 I'll look at rewording it
I added a bit to that section, btw, if you refresh
nirvdrum 16:09 General comments: some words are cased strangely. Reading "Browser Plugin" rather than "browser plugin" made it seem like it was a formal name.
The use of the comma for separating thousands in the numbers is a bit inconsistent
Periods at the end of bullet points is a bit inconsistent.
The section on authors leads with you talking about you and George, then thanking "others" and providing a list of what seem to be "others", but you and Georg are at the top :-)
Might want to rephrase a bit.
And for my contributions, maybe strike me or move me with the other list. As it stands, it looks like I get special attention for doing the last amount :-P
Otherwise, the narrative is excellent.
Pacing is very good.
Informative but not self-indulgent.
And the lessons learned are great.
I get involved with a lot of projects in one way or another, and I think your list is spot-on. And I think your stewardship of the project is amongst the best I've come across.
Despite having limited time.
I'll comment to that effect when it goes live.
taxilian 16:09 thank you; I consider that a very high complement
compliment, even
(reading through your suggestions and making changes)
nirvdrum 16:09 No worries. I'm thorough on that stuff and some of it is subjective, so feel free to ignore whatever you disagree with.
taxilian 16:09 good point on the "others" thing. I'll remove Georg and I. I guess I got caught up with "list of who did what"
oh, I do. hadn't you noticed? =]
nirvdrum 16:09 I think it's cool to have you guys there. You just might have to change the lead-in.
I'm glad you did start up an IRC channel, too.
The email list is a great resource, but it's nice to interact with other Firebreath users and be able to ping people quickly if need be.
Anyway, bbiab.
taxilian 16:09 yeah
I have added something to that effect to the post
taxilian 17:09 amackera, kalev, nirvdrum: I am impatient and I want to deploy 1.2. The changelog is done. See any reason not to do so now?
amackera 17:09 go for it :)
taxilian 17:09 changelog is up
let me know if I missed anything
amackera 17:09 Yeah looks good
I hate how the wiki automatically adds '?' after things it thinks should be wiki pages
taxilian 17:09 yeah
I'm pulling down a clean copy to tag it
and building
the downloads are up
now just need to update the project summary
… which I'll do in a few minutes at my next class
amackera 18:09 well i've got to push out a release at work for tomorrow, congrats on the FB release :)
taxilian 18:09 it's out
nirvdrum 19:09 Awesome. Congrats.
taxilian 19:09 post post post post post places =]
nirvdrum 19:09 From a marketing POV, it'd be better to post tomorrow when people are online.