IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2013-10-07

IRC Nick Time (GMT-7) Message
taxilian 11:10 nirvdrum anything new on PPAPI?
nirvdrum 11:10 Not yet. I'm not sure if he's on vacation or something. He's usually pretty responsive.
taxilian 11:10 fair enough
need to try to find a code example for a PPAPI plugin
reichi 11:10 google has examples in the ppapi repos
here's a video decode example:
taxilian 11:10 I'm still at least a few days away from being able to devote significant time to this; anybody want to try to put together a good simple example for me?
reichi 11:10 i'd love to... but I can't spend time on browser-stuff currently :/
taxilian 11:10 fair enough, that's my problem as well
kylehuff 14:10 you looking for like a "hello world" example?
taxilian 14:10 pretty much, eys
kylehuff 14:10 that shouldn't be difficult. I could have something for you Wednesday.
taxilian 14:10 awesome
if you can get me started I can probably do some real work on it maybe next week
or even sooner, hard to say
nirvdrum 15:10 taxilian: Word is he's using an internal G+ instance to find someone, but no takers yet :-/
taxilian 15:10 ahh