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jazzalex 07:10 Hello - anyone here ?
BoR0 08:10 hi
oh, okay, just read the topic
jazzalex 09:10 looks like I figured something myself already: Obviously the projectDef.cmake in the Mac folder has to be modified and it seems that audioPluginAPI.h has to include my additional headers etc.
firedragom 14:10 does anyone know what firebreath is going to do about chorme dropping support for NPAPI
taxilian 15:10 you might try reading the topic of this room
or looking on the google group
it is being discussed. definite plans have not yet been amde
firedragom 15:10 just found the google groups post. thanks
nirvdrum 16:10 taxilian: Still haven't heard from my friend. I'll keep you posted though.