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ajayp 09:10 hi taxilian
@taxilian: are you available for a short chat now?
just wanted to say i shall start R&D in the areas you need, very soon..
maksim 13:10 hi guys
taxilian 13:10 'morning
maksim 14:10 hey there
i run a site called, and we need some paid help with firebreath
taxilian 14:10 what kind of help are you looking for?
maksim 14:10 the current need is for 1-3 hrs of work over video chat and screen sharing.. at $70/hour
here are the details on what we need:
outside of this immediate need, we are looking to get firebreath experts on the airpair platform in general
taxilian 14:10 hmm. trying to think who in here has the wix experience; is that your main concern?
maksim 14:10 airpair is a marketplace that matches customers with tech experts for on-demand help via video and screen sharing. as an expert, you let yourself with your minimum hourly rate, and have no obligation to help with any request unless you think it sounds interesting
taxilian 14:10 does sound like a cool site
now, you are aware of Chrome's stated goal to drop NPAPI support by the end of next year?
nirvdrum have you had any new contact with Google about PPAPI, btw?
nirvdrum 14:10 Sorry, I haven't pinged anyone yet. It's on my list though.
taxilian 14:10 who was it that you were suggesting I might contact?
maksim 14:10 taxilian: i am not sure the customer is aware of the NSAPI obsolescence plans. this type of advice is part of the value they'd get by jumping on a video call with a firebreath expert
taxilian 14:10 maksim there are probably several people on the google group that could fill the requirements. That's about half my normal minimum hourly rate and I'm really swamped in the timeframe specified
maksim 14:10 ok, cool
i'll look there
what if the rate was $170/hr.. would you be interested in spending 1-3 hours on this?
taxilian 14:10 at that rate I might be able to find 1-3 hours; it would depend on the time of day, my time
maksim 14:10 it's something the customer wants help with urgently so i think they can pay more if this help can arrive sooner
taxilian 14:10 haven't done the time zone conversion yet
maksim 14:10 haha ok
let me bring that up
taxilian 14:10 I just have a lot of time constraints; that's the main reason my rates are so high these days. I used to do $70 / hour pretty often, but I just don't have much time anymore so I have to convince the wife that it's time well spent =]
maksim 14:10 yea, understood
taxilian 14:10 on the other hand, I wrote the MSI integration and I wrote firebreath
so presumably I can probably figure out what may be going on as quickly as anyone
nirvdrum 14:10 taxilian: I sent you the Twitter handle for the Chrome security guy that's made the call to yank NPAPI. He was fielding questions on suitable replacements. I don't know him though.
I have friends at Google that work on Selenium though and they probably could find me a PPAPI contact.
maksim 14:10 taxilian: is this the google group you were talking about:!forum/firebreath-dev
taxilian 14:10 maksim yes it is
maksim 14:10 ahh ok. i'm gonna post this on there if that's cool. also contacting the customer to see if they'd be willing to pay more (it's 10pm there already)
taxilian 14:10 that's just fine
nirvdrum 14:10 taxilian: I just emailed one of my Google friends.
taxilian 14:10 cool. let me know
if they are at all open to us just adding PPAPI support to FireBreath that would be awesome
MIDIMan_ 15:10 I am still a bit confused about certain aspects of this whole plugin thing. I was hoping someone can help answer some questions about it's interaction with JS
taxilian 15:10 okay
like what?
MIDIMan_ 15:10 How does the plugin handoff information to the JS and vice-versa?
like if I want to send "0xAA" to JS for it to use, how would I do that?
taxilian 15:10 there is no good way to send binary data
MIDIMan_ 15:10 So only ASCII?
taxilian 15:10 UTF8 strings, numbers, booleans, and javascript objects
the most common way to get data between them is to expose a method to javascript that you call from javascript and it returns whatever information you need
MIDIMan_ 15:10 Okay. From my C and ASM coding background, I'm not to sure what that means, but I will check with my web-dev man. Thanks
taxilian 15:10 have you read the getting started pages?
looked at the tutorials at all?
it's pretty self explanatory if you just take a few minutes to look at the provided materials
MIDIMan_ 15:10 I have. They are great, but there is some small detail somewhere that is preventing me from seeing the whole big picture
taxilian 15:10 if you could ask more specific questions about what you want to know I can try to help
MIDIMan_ 15:10 I am just trying to pass data from hardware to a web app over USB
taxilian 15:10 right, but what is it that you are confused about?
MIDIMan_ 15:10 I need an explanation as if I am a 5 year old, I already know how to get my data into the plugin via HID. Now to get it to JavaScript
But you mentioned exposing a method for the JS to use
taxilian 15:10 so you can either create a JSAPI method, or you can fire an event
how do you *want* to get it there?
MIDIMan_ 15:10 Ideally? something like: send_to_javascript(*command*, *data*)
taxilian 15:10 probably what you want, then, is an event
MIDIMan_ 15:10 Yea, I read that. I suppose I need to take the "trust me, just to this and it will work" way about it instead of fulling knowing what each character ect means
Thanks Taxilian!
taxilian 15:10 … or he could ask some specific questions, and I'd try to help
ahh, well
kylehuff 15:10 I suspect that he was over 50... MIDI has been dead for a long time...
taxilian 15:10 lol
no, these days it just runs over USB
kylehuff 15:10 to a browser...