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Robin 00:09 Hey :)
siamak 06:09 hi
can i have a question about fb?
can i have a question about fb?
SinnerSmile 14:09 Hello gentlemen
I was trying to made win32 window from FB plugin, using simpliest win32 registration and creation pattern
in WinMessageWindow example some things are cloudy to me, that's why i was trying to start from simpliest hello world window like in pure win32 application
I registered class in StaticInitialize() function in TestPlugin.cpp, i declared WinProc and put WinProc function itself near StaticInitialize, is it a bad practice and I need to declare winproc in TestPluginAPI.h, and put it in ...API.cpp, and then somehow point to it from regisered class in StaticInitialize, or is it fine?
I made window showing function in ...API.cpp and the attempted to start it through JS, my win32 window appeared, but browser process was stopped while window exist (can't do anything in browser). Well what can i do to avoid that?
And the weird part
I was trying to use CEF - it's kind of webkit library but with chromium engine, to embed browser engine in opened win32 window, I know that's strange, that I'm trying to create from browser window with different custom browser, but, anyway, as I used the same pattern that worket with win32 application, here I've got Assertion Failed! on expression BrowserHost::getInstanceCount() ==
It seems that google chrome engine doesn't like, that I'm trying to run another instance from it's process, and i dont know is anyone of You ever met with CEF, but maybe some theoretical suggestions?
Oh, thx if you will even read all of this