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mro__ 00:09 Anybody know if firebreath will support pepper one day ?
Mahesh___ 01:09 Will firebreath dead ?
harry78 03:09 hello! i've read in technical newsletters that google chrome and mozilla firefox will remote npapi support at the end of this year. what about plugin developed with firebreath? will they stop to work then?
(remote -> remove)
Thiru 04:09
Chrome & Firefox will start blocking NPAPI plugins by Jan 2014
harry78 04:09 thx thiru. what happens after that date? will firebreath plugins stop to work?
Thiru 05:09 Currently, only six NPAPI plug-ins are being used by more than 5 percent of Chrome users. These are Microsoft’s Silverlight, Unity, Google Earth, Java, Google Talk and Facebook Video (though Java has already been blocked by the Chrome team for security reasons). These plug-ins will be put on a temporary whitelist and end users and enterprise admins will also be able to whitelist other plug-ins as needed.
harry78 05:09 ok, so hopefully my customers are wise enough to put out plugin to the whitelist, too. we'll prepare a support document for this situation. does a roadmap exist for firebreath in order to solve this situation better?