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pp_ 00:09 evaluateJavascript() is not a member of FB:BrowserHost.....Am i missing something? I am trying to set the border color of a plugin object
amol 01:09 Hi all, new to firebreath, created a trial plugin everything is okay till now, my questions are -> 1) I want my plugin to behave as like activex control meaning -> I want to expose property to set backcolor, bordercolor. 2) How should my plugin control behaves as a drawing surface ?
jaikme 12:09 hello guys
was seeing the example "BasicMediaPlaye" ... inside the folder of the project, has the usual folder "Win" and "Mac", can someone tell me how the compiler knows which of these folders to use.
Is the CMAKE who solves the target compile?
Mark___ 12:09 I read that Firefox and chrome are dropping npapi, does this mean firebreath is nearing eol?
Mark___ 12:09 What does this: mean for firebreath? Will the plugin I created stop working for up to date browsers?
dmendelson 14:09 have you guys seen this?
jakj 14:09 i yes
and now?!
Mark___ 14:09 I have the same question
It also mentions firefox, but I Cannot find another reference to that.
dmendelson 14:09 @Mark___, yeah I don't see that either
Mark___ 14:09 I clicked on through some links in the link that they gave and found that they are not blocking them, but you will have to click to play them. Which is not as bad.
dmendelson 14:09 yeah, exactly.
tyoungbe 14:09 What kind of performance can I expect from a Windowless window using non-accelerated drawing? Good enough for video?
We really need to support overlays over video in the browser
taxilian 15:09 dmendelson: just saw it myself
this will take some investigating
this is going to be a problem for us; most likely the first effect is that I will stop using Chrome, but we will have to look more seriously at NaCl and others
dmendelson 15:09 My biggest issue with NaCL is: "no support for raw TCP/UDP sockets". They say it's coming soon, but it's not there now.
taxilian 15:09 I have a few significant concerns; one is that my understanding is that they no longer support a direct javascript interface
though I could be wrong
dmendelson 15:09 ugh (if you are correct)
taxilian 15:09 and what we need plugins for is to give us direct access to hardware
dcherman2 15:09 is there even another cross browser solution at the moment?
taxilian 15:09 ni
can't type =]
dcherman2 15:09 too angry to type, i get it :/
taxilian 15:09 hehe
more I just put up an antenna on top of a 30 foot tower, and for a big fat guy like myself standing at the top of a 30' tower working a crescent wrench for 20 minutes is beyond just wearing. my arms are still shaking a bit… and then on top of that I come inside and find this =]
Guest26102 15:09 Hi I am trying to use firebreath to communicate browser with flatbed scanner. Can i write c# code which will communicate with firebreath c++ code? does firebreath is in
dsuwirya 15:09 hello all ... has anybody from FB team read this : ?
may i know what's the plan for FB to keep the Chrome support after the NPAPI is shutdown ?
dcherman2 15:09 dsuwirya: i'm pretty sure taxilian just saw this like 30 minutes ago, so you might need to be a little patient to get an answer
taxilian 15:09 I am brainstorming ideas
check back in a few days
I have some thoughts
most are crazy
dsuwirya 15:09 PPAPI doesn't seem to be a publicly exposed plugin api neither, do you agree ?
taxilian 15:09 seems like it
dsuwirya 15:09 :(
taxilian 15:09 but as I said, I'm brainstorming right now; as in, literally on a call right now
we have some ideas
check back =]
will need help to make them a reality
dsuwirya 15:09 sure, thanks a lot !
dcherman2 15:09 taxilian: hah wow, surprised you got on a call/conference THAT quickly
cool with you if i file an issue on JIRA as a place to stick updates as you get them?
taxilian 15:09 I won't use it
log into the google group
dcherman2 15:09 k
Cmn_ 17:09 Now that Chrome is going to drop NPAPI support, what does that mean for Firebreath?? Is there a conversion path?
Guest18308 18:09 have people seen this?
Cmn_ 20:09 So without Chrome NPAPI support are we all screwed?
taxilian 20:09 hopefully not
it's going to take me some time to think over things, but I have some ideas
nothing concrete yet, but those wishing to help please let me know and I'll give you research assignments =]
dougma 20:09 My use case for plugins is still not served by web technology
taxilian 20:09 yes, I know
as I said, I have some ideas
basically my thought is that we'll probably need to have an application running that communicates with the web page and does the hard work
with an extension of some sort that creates an easy interface layer between the browser and the page
dougma 20:09 Can that support windowed plugins?
taxilian 20:09 display is definitely one of the challenges we'll have to deal with
one thought is to stream into a Canvas
trying to remember your use case?
another thought is to use NaCl for drawing in some way
dougma 20:09 I need an opengl 30bit pixelformat
Webgl missed adding that
taxilian 20:09 can you do it in nacl?
I need to research quite a few things
NaCl is one of them that I need to know a *lot* more than I do about
finding time to do all the learning I need to do is going to be a bit rough
kylehuff, are you around?
dougma 20:09 Back has abstracted all the graphics surfaces
Not back!
taxilian 20:09 hehe
dougma 20:09 On mobile :)
taxilian 20:09 understood
dougma 20:09 Last I looked they didn't have full pixel format support
taxilian 20:09 I'm not sure how to address that problem; I am open to suggestions. Brainstorm hard, because if we attempt a new solution, I want to cover as much as we can with it
kylehuff 20:09 taxilian: yeah
taxilian 20:09 kylehuff I know you've tinkered a little bit with extensions… ever looked into jsctypes?
kylehuff 20:09 very tersely... I decided fairly early it wouldn't help me do anything I was looking to do at the time
taxilian 20:09 I assume it has no drawing capabilities at all?
kylehuff 20:09 from what I understand, no.
taxilian 20:09 it's just scripting in some way?
hmm. given that you wanted to do GPG stuff, what did you want to do that it couldn't do?
kylehuff 20:09 well, it is mozilla specific, for one.
taxilian 20:09 true
kylehuff 20:09 the logic process may have stopped there, I really don't remember
taxilian 20:09 one of the things I'm wondering is if it could be used to create something to give us some parity with Chrome's Native Messaging:
kylehuff 20:09 it is kind of funny though, in another room I am talking about migrating to a PPAPI native client module, and in another window I am troubleshooting that damn click-to-play crap that is already making me lose sleep.
taxilian 20:09 lol
kylehuff 20:09 I see where you are going with that... that could be useful
taxilian 20:09 So what I'm thinking currently is that we'll have to build some sort of minimalistic browser extension framework that can be used to create browser extensions that will communicate with an external application
this will most easily solve the hidden plugins issue
drawing is harder, but if we can communicate well enough we may be able to at least do basic drawing, or maybe even provide an opengl bridge of some sort (yes, I know, I know) into the browser to use WebGL
kylehuff 20:09 yeah, which, by the way, firefox nightly currently breaks plugins, even when click-to-play is disabled...
taxilian 20:09 it won't solve all of the use cases, but it may help
how so?
kylehuff 20:09 well, my plugin won't load (with click-to-play disabled) unless I enable click-to-play, then set the plugin to "always activate". after that, I can disable click to play and it all works.
this is a plugin bundled in an extension
(back to my previous point, I just thought it was funny that the conversation in here was in two topics I am discussing elsewhere at the same time.)
taxilian 20:09 hmm. interesting
kylehuff 20:09 Do you see any future whereby Firebreath does NaCl?
taxilian 20:09 I need to know more about it before I can answer that question
kylehuff 20:09 I have to say, the biggest turn-off to NaCl is that they dropped their scripting bridge and all methods are now asymmetric.
taxilian 20:09 right
kylehuff 20:09 *asynchronous
making asynchronous calls to a module from an asynchronous extension function gets a little tricky... I nearly always die in a vat of spaghetti code.
kylehuff 21:09 I like your idea about using ctypes and native messaging to interact with the "plugin" methods... that would side-step a number of issues.
dougma 22:09 My plugin is asynchronous internally so no problem there... For me. Most of the values flowing from plugin to page are already going via callbacks.