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codefame 11:09 is anyone familiar with serial port performance from a web browser extension using firebreath? I'm looking to replace an Ajax->Local HTTP Server->Serial solution (Ardugate) for connecting from a browser to a locally-connected Arduino with a FireBreath-based solution, but I'm wondering if a FB solution will provide near-desktop throughput to the device
thanks in advance
taxilian 11:09 extension?
or plugin?
FB is a plugin
not an extension
but yes, a FB plugin would give you the same performance to the device as an application
because it's native code
Rinaldo 14:09 Hi the last time I worked with plugins was in the late 90s
I have the book if you don't believe me
taxilian 14:09 lol
I believe you
they've changed a bit since then
Rinaldo 14:09 I went the way of Java and JNLP and I have suffered immensely for it
no joke
but I finally am giving up on it
so please be patient with me
taxilian 14:09 ahh, JNLP… how well we hate thee
Rinaldo 14:09 I used to work with the HotJava team once they cancelled an all java browser I should have seen the writing on the wall
I need to call a windows application via com from ff, ie and chrome on windows xp, 7 8 for IE 8 to IE 10
can your framework help me?
taxilian 14:09 yes
you can use C++ from a plugin, so you can do that
it'll only get you into the browser, though; the rest is up to you
Rinaldo 14:09 is it like one source code base
and #defines
taxilian 14:09 not sure I understand your question
Rinaldo 14:09 how much work is it for all the different versions?
taxilian 14:09 windows only?
Rinaldo 14:09 yes
taxilian 14:09 just one version
the one possible complication is that when you're in IE you'll already have COM initialized and when you're in firefox you won't
so you'll have to handle that
but otherwise it'll just work
Rinaldo 14:09 BTW I worked on the JNLP deployment team and was the guy repsonsible for updating x million desktops a day so I appreciate how hard this is
ok so the UI people are very concerned about the customer experience
can I make it a silent install if I write an installer
taxilian 14:09 you can do whatever you want with the installer; people will still have to run it, though
Rinaldo 14:09 a user clicks on a page they don't have the plugin I want to install it and have it go back to where it was
I noticed that some browsers don't reload the plugin list without areboot
taxilian 14:09 for initial install it's possible to install without restarting the browser
upgrade is harder
note that firefox 26 will add click to play which will block plugins by default until the user enables each one
I'm arguing with the team about the interface for that
Rinaldo 14:09 I have a very large user population with java installed
and I want to move them to something else
I have not looked at your licensing terms
for demonstration purposes is there a sample that say runs notepad.exe
so I can show it to the marketing and UI teams and check it on the browser cobinations
taxilian 14:09 there is no such sample, but if you know how to launch notepad.exe with C++ then you can create one yourself very quickly
Rinaldo 14:09 ok
taxilian 14:09 just follow the instructions and/or tutorials on the website
Rinaldo 14:09 Maybe I can contirnute that one back for your internal demos
Ok the last time I used C++ was for a course at Stanford I think I remember it
taxilian 14:09 It is dual licensed, so you can choose either the New BSD license or the LGPL 2.1 license
whichever you prefer
Rinaldo 14:09 ok thanks
is there a donate link?
taxilian 14:09 there is, on the home page of
and donations are certainly appreciated
and tend to make me more favorably minded towards people asking questions when I'm working on other projects =]
Rinaldo 14:09 I don't understand all these people running around saying plugins are dead how the &^( gkdfukif are they going to talk to devices etc with silverlight being eoled and not working on IE10
taxilian 14:09 join the club, my friend… there are many many things you can only do with plugins
Rinaldo 14:09 I was conditioned to hate plugins from my Sun roots and look how far it got me :)
taxilian 14:09 but because of the security concerns and viruses which have used exploits primarily in java and flash over the years the browsers are all trying to shut things down as much as possible
Rinaldo 14:09 that is what I am finding with the 2 week schedule of releases something breaks every week
plugins seem safer
taxilian 14:09 in their defense, the browser teams are trying hard to provide ways to do all the stuff you need with extensions, but then you have to write one version for each browser
Rinaldo 14:09 there are no extensions for simple things like printing and that is crazy -- no one can afford to make versions for everyone it is too expensive
Sun was right about that what a mess
maybe you can become a secure container
taxilian 14:09 preaching to the choir, my friend =] unfortunately I'm one of very few people that is at all visible in the community that is pushing that, and my voice is not really all that loud
oh, speaking of which
Rinaldo 14:09 sure would be sweet to have a trusted node.js container in the browser
taxilian 14:09 when you launch something from IE you will be in low integrity mode
if that's a problem there is a reg key you can add on install to tell it that particular exe can be launched in medium (regular) integrity mode instead
you may need that