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Guest14422 01:09 anyone here?
rinaldo 07:09 I have an existing application on windows that I would like to call from a plugin -- can I use firebreath to do that? Please don't talk abou security issues I am aware of all of them and we have explicit permission and application to server authentication
The question is about being able to launch a program on windows with some parameters
I see that there is an example of that
sorry for the dumb question
gpgAuth web client
Is there an example of something like gpgAuth online that I can just use for evaluation prurposes
taxilian 09:09 good morning
rinaldo: yes, you should be able to launch or communicate with an existing windows application; if you need to support IE you'll want to research how to start a medium integrity process from a low integrity one
mm_ 15:09 regarding the colonpanic async calls example, how do you retain user input to the new thread?
sry colonelpanic :)
taxilian 15:09 pass it in as a parameter using boost::bind