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kalev 07:09 taxilian: hey, are you already up?
I have a few fixes in kalevlember-firebreath clone
taxilian 08:09 Am now
What fixes?
kalev 08:09 take a look at the changelog, I tried to use descriptive comments:
taxilian 09:09 kalev: this looks great. thank you for taking care of this
question: is arpa/inet.h always availiable on non-windows platforms that we support?
kalev 09:09 yes, it should be
taxilian 09:09 ok
changes pushed to trunk
thank you
kalev 09:09 thanks!
taxilian 09:09 and now I am off to church =] I'll kick off a new "nightly" build before I leave
it'll be nightly-29
kalev 09:09 note that I didn't test if the media player plugin actually works :-)
have fun
taxilian 09:09 yeah, me neither. I'm considering moving that project to another google code project
but if I end up moving to github it would need to be a different git project
still debating that one
but that would have to wait for the release anyway
build 29 is up
amackera 09:09 hey all
amackera 10:09 I'm going to make a new wiki page for developing mac plugins
kalev 10:09 hey, sounds great
by the way, I copied your changes to FBTestPlugin's FactoryMainMac.cpp over to fbgen:
amackera 10:09 Ah cool
That will almost definitely give linker errors unless you also chance ProjectConfig.cmake in fbgen also
I'll make the change and commit
amackera 11:09 I love C/C++ tradition
"If you do this, it will result in undefined behaviour"
kalev 11:09 ah, yes
if you are saying that this will give linker errors, what would be the right way to switch to quickdraw/carbon?
amackera 11:09 In ProjectConfig.cmake set the FBMAC_USE_CARBON and FBMAC_USE_QUICKDRAW to 1
kalev 11:09 that's how it was before but you said it'd give linker errors
is there anything else that needs to be done to make the switch?
ifdefs around PluginWindowMacCarbonQD in the FactoryMainMac.cpp file?
like a trained monkey I am, I just copied it over from test plugin thinking it'd be complete :)
amackera 11:09 Oh, maybe I've made a mistake
sorry let me see what's going on
I didn't think the FactoryMainMac in the FBTestPlugin had QuickDraw functions
Yes, it doesn't
It assumes Carbon/CoreGraphics
and also has Cocoa/CoreGraphics
And the PluginConfig.cmake specifies Cocoa/CoreGraphics
before it was set to Carbon/QuickDraw, but the Carbon/QuickDraw factory methods didn't exist
Does that make sense?
kalev 12:09 so, would something like this fix the situation for people who want to enable Carbon/QuickDraw?
amackera 12:09 Yep looks good
I'm not sure what the best way to go with the fbgen'd plugin is
Like, we could have all event/drawing models enabled by default (more flexible)
or we could just enable cocoa/coregraphics (current default for most browsers)
which is more simple
I think probably the simpler solution coupled with a detailed wiki page would be best
kalev 12:09 if the knobs to switch between those actually work, I think a wiki page is good
taxilian 12:09 sounds good to me =]
kalev 12:09 taxilian: can you pull the patch above?
taxilian 12:09 is it ready?
kalev 12:09 amackera said it looks good, but I have no clue if it actually works :-)
taxilian 12:09 amackera, it's pushed into head; if you have time to check it, that'd be great. I can probably do it tomorrow if not
you guys may already know this, but I don't work on Sundays
I don't mind pulling in a patch or two
or answering questions
kalev 12:09 ah.
taxilian 12:09 but just FYI, so you aren't surprised when I'm barely here
anyway, church is over; now off to choir. Then, after that, I get to go attend a cub scout planning meeting, since I'm the local cubmaster
sometimes I think I'm absolutely insane for doing too much
other times I know I am
see you =]
amackera 12:09 haha ok, no problem taxilian
kalev 12:09 see you!
amackera 12:09 kalev: do you have commit access to the main project repository?
kalev 12:09 nope.
taxilian 12:09 oh, yeah, and since that's obviously not enough planned for my "day off", I'm providing english->russian interpretation tonight for another meeting… :-P
do neither of you have access?
amackera 12:09 i do
taxilian 12:09 ok. I thought one of you did
I can give kalev access if he wants
I just ask that you clear major changes through me
and try to have at least one person review your changes before pushing
kalev 12:09 allright, sounds good
taxilian 12:09 congratulations, kalev
you have access
amackera 12:09 :D
taxilian 12:09 use it wisely =]
kalev 12:09 yay
taxilian 12:09 now I'm gone
amackera 12:09 which great access rights comes great responsibility
This project really is quite good now
I mean, it has been since long before I started working on it too
but I feel good about the progress we've made
kalev 12:09 it's fun to watch an open source project grow
by the way, I just tested and a fbgen'd plugin with Carbon/QD builds fine after my last patch
amackera 12:09 alright, good
go ahead and push that bad boy
kalev 12:09 :-)
amackera 13:09 Hmm JSAPIAuto doesn't have a shared_ptr type
breaks everything about my JSAPI
taxilian 13:09 amackera: why would you need a JSAPIAuto specific shared_ptr?
kalev: the reason that we were doing absolute paths for the project directories is that relative wasn't working on windows. Did you test that before you pushed the change?
kalev 13:09 taxilian: yes I did, that's exactly what the latest commit fixed
taxilian 13:09 strange; well, if you're sure it works
'cause you reversed the change I made to make it work; very odd
maybe I was just doing something weird, I guess
just checking =] gotta run
kalev 14:09 cya!
amackera 14:09 Goddamn, passing JS arrays crashes Safari
kalev 14:09 Is it a regression?
there's some test array code in the FBTestPlugin; does that code crash Safari too?
amackera 15:09 yes
It's not a regression, just an uncaught bug I think
present before the switch to boost::shared_ptr
taxilian 17:09 Really? Wow. I'll have to look at it tomorrow
amackera 17:09 taxilian is going craaaaazy
taxilian 17:09 Can't get my stupid iPad to stop getting push notifications
amackera 20:09 I need to come up with an excuse to learn Perl better