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Valo 06:11 is firebreath can works on android..?
cafe 06:11 hj All
i Build for Release
i get err : >LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file '..\..\ActiveXCore\Release\ActiveXCore.lib'
how can solve it
tzikis 13:11 hey all
i'm having problems generating the dylib for os x. anyone around available for help?
taxilian 13:11 on a phone call
tzikis 14:11 taxilian: thanks for the reply though :) i've actually read dozens of your replies on stackoverflow but still having troubles
could i bother you to ping me when you are free?
taxilian 14:11 okay, I'm back
what exactly have you tried
and what is happening?
and what version are you on?
tzikis 14:11 alright, so basically, we've tried quite a few stuff
i'm on Lion, using XCode 4.2.1
cmake 2.8.9
right now we're starting over. we've got our plugin added to the examples dir and we've run ./ examples
we can build the plugin fine, and it works great. we've built an .xpi for Linux and Windows but we can't seem to build the .dylib in order to make the .xpi
or, hm.. is the projects/ProjName/Debug/ProjName.plugin dir what we need to add in the .xpi?
taxilian 14:11 probably
I don't know; I don't use XPIs
tzikis 14:11 oh
what do you use then?
taxilian 14:11 MSI installer on windows, a DMG with an applescript installer on mac
I have better things to do than to maintain a seperate installer for each browser
tzikis 14:11 oh
nice :)
tzikis 14:11 alright. it worked with the .plugin file :) thanks a lot though taxilian
taxilian 14:11 good luck
danzik17 14:11 taxilian: btw so re: that registry problem i was having yesterday with WiX, upgrading to FB 1.7 didn't seem to change anything, it's still pointing at HKCU. as far as i can tell, i've got all of the options set correctly for WiX and FB
taxilian 14:11 let me look; maybe there was an extra one I had to add
danzik17: try adding this line before you call add_wix_installer
set(WIX_FORCE_PER "machine")
danzik17 14:11 trying
danzik17 15:11 seems to have changed it in that generated wxs - interestingly enough i'm not finding the regkey for MozillaPlugins under HKLM, but the plugin is still working
taxilian 15:11 it's there, then
RenJuan 15:11 danzik "upgrading to 1.7" doesn't mean much, ask taxilian
taxilian 15:11 there are some improvements and fixes; I just lose track of what they are
RenJuan 15:11 unless somehow you were at an earlier version
taxilian 15:11 really need to finish the release
just haven't had time
thomasdavis 16:11 hey guys
succesfully built FB example on linux and placed in a chrome extension, chrome says could not load plugin
arch linux
taxilian 16:11 no idea
I dont' do extensions
thomasdavis 16:11 damn lol
which folder on linux would i place .so for chrome to pick it up in regular page
taxilian 16:11 sounds right; I forget exactly
it's on the webpage
under "building on linux" or some such
thomasdavis 16:11 didn't seem to work but will keep looking
got it but wasn't the same as wiki
do i just signup to edit the wiki?
taxilian 16:11 ues