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oleg 03:09 hi there
taxilian 08:09 if anyone has not seen and responded (if appropriate) to!topic/firebreath-dev/wCaKu5clXBg *please* do so ASAP
kylehuff 11:09 taxilian: I ran into this exact issue with my firefox extension that includes a firebreath plugin. My workaround is a terrible hack.
kylehuff 11:09 they are going to break a ton of crap (most importantly, mine) if they make this default.
taxilian 11:09 yes, yes they will
kylehuff 11:09 the stupid part is, you can't white-list plugins that are packed in extension bundles. it is un-possible
taxilian 11:09 hmm; seemed like they were indicating differently. is it possible that changes in firefox 26?