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les12345678 14:08 I asked this the other day, but got called away....on windows, i have a firebreath plugin to which i would like to add a text file (that i can read into a string a runtime)...
I figure using a resource is the best approach. However, when I modify the rc file with visual studio it corrupts it (format difference). When I manually edit the files or add a new rc file, it works...until i modify the plugin version in the cmake file (rc get overwritten)
any ideas on a better way to accomplish this?
taxilian 15:08 les12345678 copy the .rc file template from the gen_templates/ directory in firebreath root into your plugin
and then modify that template
that's the template that cmake generates the file from
chesspro 16:08 anyone know why when i do document.getElementById("plugin") I get a "TypeError" ?
taxilian 21:08 chesspro is it actually causing a problem?