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ebe 07:08 Hello
We are trying to create a simple plugin which displays images on the screen. We have created a separate thread for image display.
We have tried everything. Including these written here:
We receive a stream of images, and try to display them. But either, only a single image can be seen, and it refreshes only when the image is occluded by moving a window in the front.
or we have a flicker, where, most of the time, there is no image seen on the screen at all.
does anyone know any tips to display image on window using firebreath?
dougma 07:08 ebe: you need to invalidate the window
then the browser will redraw you
ebe 07:08 we already call invalidate window on a separate thread whenener a new image is received.
btw: we are using a modified yet very similar version of this draw function:
dougma 07:08 this ?
try calling on the main thread.... may make a difference
ebe 07:08 our plugin is a windowed plugin.
dougma 07:08 oh... sorry
then you invalidate by calling win32 RedrawWindow
or is it InvalidateRect?
dougma 08:08 taxilian_away: congrats on #3 :)
weee 10:08 Hello all
I have a simple sample plugin. With a couple of buttons.
I want to call a function in MyPlugin.cpp by clicking on the button.
Clicking on the button defined in the htm file, gets me to the MyPluginAPI.cpp.
But how can i call a function in MyPlugin.cpp from MyPluginAPI.cpp?
taxilian 14:08 weee: use the getPlugin() function which is defined in your MyPluginAPI.h file
ceterumnet 15:08 taxilian: so I think I got it all working with 64 bit - I ended up adding an option to the build that makes the HEAT step a no op, and expects the user to provide the WiX xml for the stuff that heat normally provides
taxilian 15:08 okay