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joelmo 10:08 Is there any NPAPI plugin that allows to spawn child proccesses and read the output
with a JS interface
taxilian 13:08 Pleased to announce the birth of my third child and son:
kylehuff 13:08 Congratulations Richard! You must have a CMAKE function for that by now...
taxilian 13:08 lol
I only use cmake for cross-platform code
this was just the ol' biological 3-d printer
which still works far better than any of these newfangled ones. though it only does a couple types of models, it can support an infinite number of variations around those models. It does take a bit longer to process the jobs, but the results are phenominal
kylehuff 13:08 lol
I guess if you need a biological cross-platform CMAKE function for breeding, you live in the right state for that.
taxilian 13:08 lol
joelmo 13:08 I want to use the boost/process library, can anyone guide me on how to do that
taxilian 13:08 which one?
there is one that is included in firebreath's boost
but it's only one of the boost process implementations out there
joelmo 13:08 boost/process.hpp, don't know if i can include this in my plugin?