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evaniram9 13:08 hey small doubt
i want to do face authentication on web page . is it possible to do it through FireBreath plugin example
taxilian 13:08 might be
you can interface with a camera and use c++ code in a firebreath plugin
thoguh you'll have to use system apis for camera access; firebreath and the browsers don't help you iwth that
dcherman2 13:08 taxilian: you can using WebRTC in Chrome/FF -
IE10 also i think
taxilian 13:08 true, but if you're going to do that then why use a plugin?
and there isn't a good way to get binary data from javascript into the plugin
johannes2 15:08 ... and unless you control the full softwareon the client a user might inject a video oder still frame as image to bypass camera checks
actually one might also do that without custom software on the machine by some specially crafted usb device
taxilian 15:08 yep[
akelani_ 17:08 taxilian: I tried your solution (creating my own HWND inside of the plugin). The plugin window works fine but now the entire browser freezes. Before the change the browser wouldn't crash until I resized it to overlap the plugin window.
taxilian 17:08 interesting
I dont' know :-/