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apervushin 07:08 hhi everybody, i deploy fb plugin on my site, and each time when i call function from my plugin i recived onWindowAttached event, it is not normally inho ?
call function from js , and recived onWindowAttached event in plugin. as i see from manual - it is must happend only one time per object lifecycle ?
apervushin 08:08 sorry, i'm idiot ;) how many objects on page so many events.
akelani_ 15:08 Hello. My Window's gl-based plugin is crashing in Chrome whenever I resize or scroll the browser window and the plugin's window goes past he visible area.
akelani_ 15:08 Anyone home?
taxilian 16:08 nope
we're all at work
I've never seen that specific problem before, but you might be more likely to get a useful answer if you do some additional research and post some details
for example, what exactly is the crash? did you attach a debugger? what line is it on? What was the exception / error message?
did little green men pop out of the screen when it crashed?
those kinds of details
akelani_ 17:08 Here's the call stack:
Unhandled exception at 0x7724220F (ntdll.dll) in chrome.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x000A0FBC.
taxilian 17:08 are you trying to resubclass the plugin's HWND?
akelani_ 17:08 no
taxilian 17:08 well, it looks like it's still an issue in the WinProc anyway; if I were you I'd try creating your own HWND inside the plugin's and use that for opengl
see if that helps
you could also load the microsoft symbols and resolve the stack further, then paste it again
might tell us more
akelani_ 17:08 oh ok. Well I actually did that. I loaded Microsoft's and Chrome's symbols and that's the stack trace I got
taxilian 17:08 okay
I was thinking it resolved deeper, but I see that now
and it does help =]
I'd try a nested HWND