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michaelfig 09:08 Hi folks. I'm still looking for some help with debugging a FB Mac plugin that won't load at all into Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. I don't get any log messages when I turn on logging, either. :(
I used the default .dmg install procedure, which added my .plugin to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins, but no joy, it's not even listed in about:plugins or equivalent.
[Outcast] 10:08 So is there away to get prep2012 add other include directories?
taxilian 10:08 edit your CMakeLists.txt and projectDef.cmake files
[Outcast] 10:08 never mind I think I found itL projectDef.cmake
Just as a FYI. My project got approved for production. I working on make it so others can write code for it as well.
hence having to make sure the includes and libs link correctly.
taxilian 10:08 make sure you're using relative paths and such in the cmake files, then
so it's not machine dependent
find_libraries helps
find_library, I mean
[Outcast] 10:08 right. is there a find_includes ?
michaelfig 10:08 Ohh. I think the problem I'm having is in compiling some 3rdparty code into my plugin. I'm currently using -fPIC (which works under Linux), but I'm thinking I need some flavour of -mdynamic-no-pic?
taxilian 10:08 michaelfig I don't know
michaelfig 10:08 I'll write a test program that dlopens my plugin, then see what errors I get.
@taxilian: I think it might be a nice feature to check the FBMAC_* macros for validity. I was trying to compile against CoreGraphics without enabling Cocoa or Carbon. Silly me.
taxilian 10:08 not sure how we'd do that
but if you find a way, feel free to submit a pull request
michaelfig 10:08 Okay. :)
[Outcast] 10:08 I just dropped this question in the the cmake room. is it possible to use include_external_msproject to use a solution file and import all projects in that solution?
or do I have to include each one?
taxilian 10:08 not a clue
[Outcast] 10:08 dang
taxilian 10:08 I suspect not
simply because a msproject would be a project, not a solution, one would think
but I could be wrong
[Outcast] 10:08 yea. using pjsip and it has like 20 projects in the one solution. Just going to have to for loop it some how.
<------ Cmake noob
michaelfig 11:08 @taxilian: Found it: I was building only for i386, but running on x86_64. Gack.
taxilian 11:08 shouldn't matter
unless your libraries aren't available for i386
all mac browsers can load 32 bit plugins
we only build ours 32 bit because making it do both is twice the size
[Outcast] 11:08 so this what I came up with so far: file(GLOB_RECURSE PJSIP_MSPROJECTS ..\\pjproject-2.1.0 [^.]*.vcxproj )
this finds all the projects. I just to need include them now
taxilian 11:08 and there is a foreach construct in cmake
[Outcast] 11:08 yep, just writing a regex to create a project name based on the file name.
[Outcast] 12:08 ok it is more like file(GLOB_RECURSE PJSIP_MSPROJECTS ../pjproject-2.1.0/[^.]*.vcxproj )
taxilian: is there away to add the those projects to Libraries fold instead of the main tree?
taxilian 12:08 look at the CMakeLists.txt files in firebreath to see how to set the group
[Outcast] 13:08 cool that did it.
taxilian 13:08 lots of cmake examples in the firebreath source
[Outcast] 13:08 so after adding the project. You just need to assign it using the set_target_properties and the project name you used in the include_external_msproject
taxilian 13:08 assign it with set_target_properties? not sure I understand
[Outcast] 13:08 include_external_msproject(${PJSIP_MSPROJECT_NAME} ${PJSIP_MSPROJECT})