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Guest4145 01:08 does any one how to use WTL or MFC in the FireBreath frame?
dougma 01:08 Guest4145: people often ask... but i don't think it's possible.
Guest4145 01:08 I tried to get info from the internet, someone says that the outlook plugin is implemented in this way.
but I am not very sure about that.
dougma 01:08 is the outlook plugin built on firebreath?
Guest4145 01:08 actually, I am not sure about that, I saw it in some website.
So I ask for help here, hope someone can help me.
budd 08:08 does any one know how to get the plugin handler (hWnd) to a function in mypluginapi.cpp?
taxilian 09:08 budd: just pass it to the API from the attachedevent handler
and remember to clear it in detachedevent
budd 09:08 any examples
taxilian 09:08 which part of doing that exactly did you find to be technically challenging?
budd 09:08 passing the handler to the API
taxilian 09:08 seriousliy, you need to learn to break problems down into smaller parts
are you not sure how to get the handler? do you not know how to put that in a function?
do you not know how to write a function that will save it in the other class?
do you not know how to get the pluginapi instance to call the function?
are you not sure how to run the compiler?
do you not know how to turn on the computer?
I'm pretty sure at least some of those you have covered already
so tell me where the breakdown is, and I'll see if I can help
but I'm not going to write your system for you, so you need to identify which specific tasks you don't understand how to do
budd 09:08 oopps .. I was too quick to reply... Let me try attachedevent...Thanks
ceterumnet 11:08 taxilian: I am having problems with the proxy settings support on Chrome - when I step through it in the debugger, it appears that one of the function pointers from the nsapi stuff is bad…have you seen this before?
I can provide some code if it helps
taxilian 15:08 ceterumnet I haven't seen that before, but we don't use proxy settings much. I'm not using them anywhere; might be worth stepping through the npapi intiialization stuff and see if the pointer looks good when it's first passed in