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dgiesh 01:08 prep2012.cmd examples doesn't work properly, lot of "not found" errors. What to do?
dougma 01:08 what is missing?
dgiesh 01:08 for example: "-- Looking for include file dlfcn.h - not found"
dougma 01:08 right... probably not an error.
open the solution file and proceed.
reichi 01:08 ift something doesn't write "ERROR"
it's usually not an error
just some information
dgiesh 01:08 there is no .sln file
dougma 01:08 oh well.
paste the full output to
or your favourite pastebin service
dgiesh 02:08 posted output of "
prep2012.cmd examples
dougma 02:08 where?
dgiesh 02:08 to
dougma 02:08 line 207 is your error.
see FireBreath-boost dependency section at
dougma 02:08 although...
reichi 02:08 i always wonder why "chat" is so problematic to so many people :/
dgiesh 02:08 command "git submodule update --recursive --init" produced error "error: Connection timed out after 300001 milliseconds while accessing"
dgiesh 03:08 command "git submodule update --recursive --init" output "error: Connection timed out after 300001 milliseconds while accessing"
what to do?
dgiesh 04:08 I tried "git submodule update --recursive --init". See
I downloaded zip file and installed boost
command ""prep2012.cmd examples" unsuccess. See
ceterumnet 07:08 hi everyone
I've been using Firebreath for about a year, and I love it. I'm currently dealing with a bug that I am having a bear of a time tracking down. In my plugin, I load a dll that is downloaded in the onPluginReady()
On a handful of customer systems, they see crashes in Chrome and Firefox, but not IE
These crashes are hard to pinpoint - but one thing that is interesting is that I've tested Debug builds on those systems - and they don't crash
so I figured that optimization was exposing a bug in my code somewhere, so I changed the fire breath Release build optimization to -Od by overriding buildconfig.cmake
if (WIN32)
set (FB_OPT_PARAM "/O1 /Ob2 /Os /Oy")
message(STATUS "Optmizing for size")
elseif (FB_OPTIMIZE STREQUAL "speed")
set (FB_OPT_PARAM "/O2 /Ot")
message(STATUS "Optmizing for speed")
set (FB_OPT_PARAM "/Od")
message(STATUS "Balanced size/speed optimization")
I'm assuming that the else() block is the normal condition when you don't pass one of the optimization options to the prep script
however, it seems that the Release build still crashes when the Debug build does not
My code doesn't have any DEBUG related conditionals
however, I know that the Firebreath code does
the hard part about figuring out the bug is that I can't reproduce it on a machine in my environment.
dgiesh 07:08 dougma, I loaded several items to Please take a look and give your suggestion. Thanks
dgiesh 09:08 "git submodule update --recursive --init"->"fatal: Needed a single revision" ???
taxilian 10:08 dgiesh: did you check out firebreath from git?
ceterumnet I doubt it's an optimization problem
it could be related to the differences in the CRT or a different version of some dependency? I dunno. but it seems unlikely to be an optimization issue
try building RelWithDebInfo and attach to the process so you can see where it's crashing
ceterumnet 12:08 taxilian: unfortunately it is only on 2 of my customer's systems that I don't have that kind of access to
taxilian: Also - I am building with static CRT…so I figured that it would be the same across all of my binaries since they are built on the same system
taxilian 12:08 it might and might not be
if you allocate memory in one lib and free in another, it could cause that issue
ceterumnet 12:08 taxilian: is there anyway I can get some sort of backtrace or crash dump on a remote system with a release build?
taxilian 12:08 yes, but to use it it needs to be a relwithdebinfo build
because you'll need symbols
it should be possible to get the .dmp crash dump and load it in your visual studio
you could possibly also install a remote debugger
and with that I need to get back to work; major crunch time today
sorry :-/
ceterumnet 12:08 taxilian: no problem…thanks so much for your help…this is an ongoing issue for several weeks now, so if I can figure it out in the next week or so I'll be fine