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budd 10:08 i got buddTestAPIPtr api = boost::dynamic_pointer_cast<buddTestAPI>(getRootJSAPI()); api->fire_echo("hello",5); to work in onMouseDown but it does not work in OnWindowsEvent
any help
I want to fire_echo in OnWindowsEvent (WM_COPYDTA)
is it because OnWindowsEvent on another thread?
taxilian 11:08 budd WindowsEvent is the same thread — indeed, the same function call behind the scenes — as OnMouseDown
so I don't know why fire_echo wouldn't work
budd 11:08 I'm puzzled too..
budd 11:08 I'm receiving the WMCOPYDATA message from the external program ok. I can also send the feedback to the sender in the save onWindowsEvent. Need a way to let the browser know
budd 12:08 how do I get the HWND of the browser(not the plugin) from OnWindowsEvent
would this work HWND hWndBrowser = GetAncestor( w->getHWND(), GA_ROOTOWNER );
taxilian 12:08 getBrowserHWND
on the PluginWindowWin
budd 12:08 I got the handler to the browser. Thanks
budd 13:08 ok. I can get fire_echo to work on any messages generated by the browser. However, if the message is received from an external application, plugin get it but cannot fire_echo.. Is this due to browser security?. I'm using IE10.
all worked fine in Chrome
michaelfig 14:08 Does somebody have Mac experience? I got my plugin to compile and link against the frameworks I needed, and the default DMG installer puts it into /Library/Internet Plug-Ins, but Safari doesn't acknowledge it on the plugins page.
Is there anything else I need to do to get verbose output from Safari, or a trick I need to know to get it to load. I compiled it for i386 only, and that's my target platform too.
taxilian 14:08 michaelfig do any of the other browsers see it?
michaelfig 14:08 Let me check if Firefox or Chrome do. One sec...
No, not even after a restart.
budd 15:08 my plugin seems to be working on Firefox and Chrome without a problem. one issue with IE 10. "Unable to fire_echo" from OnWindowsEvent.. Any help?