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sbagaya 10:08 Hello Madam, Sir I am very new here. I just want to know if it is possible to create plugin fo twain scanner
budd 11:08 I'm still having trouble getting the plugin handler from onMouseDown event. Evet gets fired ok.
bool buddPluginTest::onMouseDown(FB::MouseDownEvent *evt, FB::PluginWindowWin *)
I tried some thing like this... FB::PluginWindowWin* w = (FB::PluginWindowWin*)(FB_WIN);
HWND hWndMyPlugin = w->getHWND();
no luck...
budd 11:08 what is the proper way to get the plugin handler?
budd 20:08 what is the way to fire javascript event onmousemove
taxilian 20:08 just add an event to your PluginAPI class and then call it
getRootJSAPI() will return the JSAPI objecgf
boost::dynamic_pointer_cast<YourAPIType>(getRootJSAPI()) will give it to you cast to the type you have
budd did you figure out your earlier question? Where you already had the plugin window in the right type going into the function but weren't using it for some reason?
budd 20:08 yes.. all are good
trying to learn how call the event from the onmousemove
simply send and alert
taxilian 20:08 I just told you
budd 20:08 Example I want to call the testevent
from the onMouseMove
taxilian 20:08 yes
I just told you how to do it
budd 20:08 any code examples
Is anything in the examples
budd 20:08 Do I need additional includes
dougma 21:08 fbtestplugin is a good example
start here: