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Evani 01:08 does not exits
taxilian 08:08 good morning all
kylehuff 08:08 good morning
taxilian 08:08 how're stuff?
kylehuff 08:08 heh... not bad.
taxilian 08:08 good start, then
what're you up to these days?
kylehuff 08:08 working a desk job the last few months, post surgery and all.
taxilian 08:08 Hmm; did I know you had surgury?
I'm having a hard time keeping track of things lately
kylehuff 08:08 I think I mentioned it while I was on convalescent leave. I was poking at bears while highly medicated. Probably tried to rewrite my plugin a few times for no apparent reason
taxilian 08:08 lol
so what desk job?
kylehuff 08:08 managing our units "battery operations center" -- a fancy name for keeping track of records and getting numbers/reports to battalion and brigade.
taxilian 08:08 well, at least it's something to keep you out of trouble, I suppose
kylehuff 08:08 yes -- however demoralizing, that is true.
taxilian 08:08 =]
kylehuff 08:08 You might be happy to know, however, that I am pushing an agenda of constitutional obligation to those I work with.
I carry a pocket constitution+declaration of independence in my uniform at all times, and I keep a box of spares in my car -- I've had several officers ask me for one. I might be broken, but I'm capitalizing on my exposure to the leadership.
taxilian 08:08 =] that sounds like something that could lead you into trouble — and something more people should be doing
kylehuff 08:08 true, and agreed... to the first point I say: "bring it". to the second I say: I'm working on that...
taxilian 08:08 hehe
personally I'm just working on subverting the amateur radio exam system
and I've finally got a VEC talking to me about it
kylehuff 08:08 how do you mean?
taxilian 08:08 oh, just not really happy with how most exam teams do it
they only have 2 or 3 versions of the test and they just administer the same to everyone
it's all paper
it's slow
it's not nearly as legit or as automated as it could be
kylehuff 08:08 ah, okay. I see
kylehuff 09:08 I've been watching; it is coming along great. I hope to get back into it here soon. (never did take the exam, the guy who did them was never available)
taxilian 09:08 kylehuff somehow I was thinking you were already a ham?
budd 09:08 How do I add a message window to my plugin
kylehuff 09:08 no, I just grew up around CB and amateur radio. my dad was an electronic engineer
taxilian 09:08 budd see src/PluginCore/Win/WinMessageWindow
kylehuff: ahh. yeah, you should get your license. If you're ever in utah county on a third wednesday of the month at 7pm you can come take it from us :-P
budd 09:08 for testing purposes can I simply copy that code to my test cpp
I need to handle the WM_COPYDATA
taxilian 09:08 budd you can just use that code
it's already in firebreath
just instantiate it and setWinProc
you'll need to know how boost::bind works
or how to use it rather
budd 09:08 where can I find info on that
taxilian 09:08 budd: is there a reason you need a message window instead of just getting WM_COPYDATA from the plugin's existing plugin window?
budd 09:08 I'm still learning about this. I wasn't aware of this. What is name of the window or do I need to pass the plugin handler to the caller
taxilian 09:08 since I don't know what you're doing or where the message is coming from, I have no idea
if all you need is an HWND, you can get that
budd 09:08 how to get the HWND of the plugin?
taxilian 09:08 handle AttachedEvent, change from PluginWindow to PluginWindowWin (in both the eventmap and the handler), call ->getHWND()
on the window
bleh. see
budd 09:08 bool BuddTest::onWindowAttached(FB::AttachedEvent *evt, FB::PluginWindowWin *)
I can call getHWND() in here
taxilian 09:08 yw
mattvv 12:08 hey guys, has anyone had issues with add_custom_command in vs, i can't get the command to show up at all in my build events or custom build steps in vs
cmake doens't seem toc omplain at all though
mattvv 12:08 ah looks like i'm not using the right target, is there a way to get the target_name easily
and using ${PROJECT_NAME} is giving me a 'non-existent target' error
same thing with PLUGIN_NAME
can't seem to find where to get the correct target_name
mattvv 15:08 woop got them working yay
is there a way to unregister plugin from regsvr32
taxilian 15:08 regsvr32 /u
mattvv 15:08 cheers taxilian
got my plugin working, testing out the wix stuff though
taxilian 15:08 nice
mattvv 15:08 hopefully it will work!
do i need to do anything additional in wix config for external dll's
(i added the custom command to copy them at build time)
taxilian 15:08 if any of them need to be installed then you'll need to add them to the wix file
otherwise they won't be in the final msi
mattvv 15:08 ah nice, where in the wix file should i be adding them
taxilian 15:08 in the standard template wxs, the one in the Win/WiX dir of your project
mattvv 15:08 i saw the docs on that in
does it matter where i put it in the heirachy
taxilian 15:08 yep
but that's a wix question, and more details I'm not sure I can provide. I recommend a combination of trial/error and research
mattvv 15:08 kk cool
taxilian 15:08 and feel free to add docs to explain it when you're done
mattvv 15:08 yeah i think i'll try it under the companyDir first
ok will do
thanks taxilian
mattvv 15:08 taxilian: do you know if theres a quick way i can check if a dll made it into the msi correctly? i have a bunch of external dll's i need to include but i don't want to have to type them all out in the wix file until i know ones being included correctly
taxilian 15:08 the only one that will be included by default is your plugin
mattvv 15:08 kk, so i'm gonna add these lines then check filesize i guess
budd 16:08 how to get the plugin handler from here BuddPluginTest::onMouseDown(FB::MouseDownEvent *evt, FB::PluginWindowWin *)
this is in the BuddPluginTest.cpp