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mextlan_ 04:08 Hi, any idea when the site will be back up? Is there a place I can find the documentation in the mean time?
taxilian 08:08 mextlan_ wasn't aware it was down 'til a few minutes ago; I'm working on it
mextlan_ the website shoudl be back up now
mextlan_ 08:08 great! thanks
taxilian 08:08 if you ever see it down again feel free to shoot me an email, [email protected]
not sure how it went down; confluence seems to just have locked up
hans't happened in a long time
Budd 09:08 I'm looking for an example showing how an External Windows App can send message to currently loaded firebreath plungin Chrome
taxilian 09:08 Budd: figure out how an external windows app can send messages to a currently loaded other external windows app
then do the same thing
I've done it before using named pipes
Budd 09:08 basically I stated an external App from the plugin. I need to get a message to the plugin when finished the task
taxilian 09:08 what I'm telling you is that your solution doesn't need to be plugin specific, so you're more likely to find examples if you aren't looking in plugin-specific places
I don't have any code I can share, unfortunately
Budd 09:08 For an example can I send WM_ASYNCTHREADINVOKE
Can the plugin process regular Windows messages
taxilian 09:08 I've never used it, but yes the plugin if it is a windowed plugin can get regular window messages
Budd 09:08 What is name of the plugin Window to send message
taxilian 09:08 it has no name that you can rely on
you'd have ot pass a window handle to it
or you could possibly create a message window
with a name
Budd 09:08 Thanks
JohnS_ 10:08 There is a situation of video color issue in Windowless mode on Chrome. It was discussed in the firebreath-dev groups. The intial work around suggested by @taxilian was to add a black blackground to the div. Subsequently it was identified that setting NPPVpluginTransparentBool to false in NpapiPlugin::init() will fix the issue.
Question is do I need to change to source code for firebreath or can I set NPPVpluginTransparentBool to false in my plugin?
taxilian 11:08 it might not be a bad idea to make that be the default; since there is no way I know of to make it correctly handle the transparency when it's transparent
JohnS_ 11:08 So should I go ahead and change the NpapiPlugin.cpp? Is there an easy way to reset the value in my own plugin code and override the default set in NpapiPlugin.cpp?
taxilian 11:08 just submit a pull request
JohnS_ 11:08 @taxilian. Thanks. Will do.
budd 13:08 I need an example of adding a MessageWindow to my plugin.. any help?
taxilian 13:08 go look at WinMessageWindow.cpp
it's in the firebreath codebase
probably in src/PluginAuto/Win/ or src/PluginCore/Win
I forget
just search for it
budd 13:08 found it.
Oneboxjackal 15:08 Hi, taxilian!
taxilian 15:08 hello
Oneboxjackal 15:08 Congratulations on reading you having a baby!
I am having a hard time getting the plugin HWND to receive a devices input. Do you have any idea what I may be doing wrong???
upps... BRB, looking forward to any help! Great Framework, bw....
taxilian 15:08 nope
could be that your plugin window isn't registered to receive the input in question
I dont' know anything about device input in this context
Oneboxjackal 16:08 I am back... could it be then that I am not using the correct HWND? The driver for the device needs the HWND for the window
taxilian 17:08 you don't have a HWND for a root window
so if you need the application's primary window you're out of luck
Oneboxjackal 17:08 Application as in the browser? Or my plugin window?
taxilian 17:08 I mean as in general overall
I don't know how those drivers work
it is possible that you only get the window message in the application's main window
if htat is the case, then in this case that would be the browser's window
and you odn't get access to that
that's the case with detecting USB devices being connected or disconnected, though in that case you can register to receive them on a different HWND as well
Oneboxjackal 17:08 I hope so... this device registers against the HWND I am giving it, so the WinProc should be able to receive it, but i cannot get any of the FB Get...HWND functions to work for me. I started a blank plugin, but somehow I cannot get the PluginWindowWin to do anything for me.
taxilian 17:08 wait, which functions are you using?
if you're giving it the plugin's HWND then you should be handling WindowsMessage
if you're using WinMessageWindow hten you should be providing your own WinProc and handling that
Oneboxjackal 17:08 GetHWND() for PluginWindowWin
and GetBrowserHWND().
taxilian 17:08 don't use GetBrowserHWND for that
that'll give you the browser's hwnd
you don't have any control of that
Oneboxjackal 17:08 I haven't done much C++ in a while, and it's only slowly coming back to me....
OK. So in a blank Plugin, how do I make use of the PluginWindowWin to be able to use the GetHWND?
taxilian 17:08 handle AttachedEvent with PluginWindowWin* instead of PluginWindowWin
well, not using any special firebreath stuff, just dynamic cast the PluginWindow* to PluginWindowWin*
PluginWindowWin* win = dynamic_cast<PluginWindowWin*>(wnd)
Oneboxjackal 17:08 Ok. Is wnd available in the ::onPluginReady() function?
taxilian 17:08 no guarantee
Oneboxjackal 17:08 Hm.
taxilian 17:08 it's not available until after AttachedEvent
and it goes away at DetachedEvent
Oneboxjackal 17:08 Yes. I have read that in your documentation... can I add wnd as the parameter to the event? It only has the pointer....
taxilian 17:08 You can change the pointer type in the eventmap
for example:
if you change "FB::PluginWindow" there to "FB::PluginWindowWin" then the onWindowAttached method should also take a FB::PluginWindowWin* as the second parameter
Oneboxjackal 17:08 Ok. When it said "Do not change" I took that too literal, I guess. ;-) I've lived in North America for 20 years now, but in my heart, I am still German and follow orders ;-)
Did you ever have trouble connecting the debugger? I always the the red circle with the question mark in VS2012. Tried Chrome, FireFox... no change.
taxilian 18:08 Oneboxjackal read up on the debugging plugins page on the wiki; most likely you're connected to the wrong process