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Wavey 02:07 Guys, do you know where FBSTRING_PluginName, FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION and FBSTRING_X11MIMEType definitions are supposed to be defined?
For some reason the prep scripts do not generate them and I get an 'undeclared identifier' in VS2012
matteo 02:07 hello guys, got a question
Wavey 03:07 go for it
Guest12610 03:07 what happens to my plugin if the user closes the browser?
I mean if I am busy say copying a file
will it finish or leave it halfway?
reichi 03:07 your destructor will be called
and you will have to handel that situation properly
you have no control over the lifecycle
only the browser has
Wavey 03:07 and if you don't handle the situation, I guess the browser will just kill the process
reichi 03:07 probably, yes
Guest12610 03:07 so will the destructor be called from different thread?
reichi 03:07 ??
Guest12610 03:07 I am a bit worried I will be having all sorts of race conditions
reichi 03:07 there is only one thread
as per default
Guest12610 03:07 because in my plugin I copy, execute and write files all over
reichi 03:07 additional threads will be those you created
Guest12610 03:07 I see
Wavey 03:07 I am not sure though if you can run background threads ...
since your main thread will be most probably killed ..
reichi 03:07 sure you can
but you have to manage them
Wavey 03:07 But more and more browsers use different processes to manage the plugin...
reichi 03:07 the issue is the same as with every programm that could "end" at any point
Wavey 03:07 and when they are don with it, they nuke the process..
reichi 03:07 yes
but there's no difference
absolutely none
Wavey 03:07 if the process goes down, aren't all the threads going down?
Guest12610 03:07 I see... then I need to make sure the always have a consistent state...
reichi 03:07 what do you care if your plugin ahs it's own process
Wavey: Destructor
Wavey 03:07 right..
reichi 03:07 i really don#t understand the problem here
It's standard behaviour
Wavey 03:07 nope, just wondering ..
just thinking how you can make something that can run in the background even when the browser decided to kill your plugin
reichi 03:07 now you can't
you need to have an external application
and call it via a socket or something
Wavey 03:07 I see... ;)
reichi 03:07 sorry
no you can't ;)
Wavey 03:07 I was prepared for that XD
I was just curious if I overengineered some parts
(And by the way, I found the problem with the FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION not defined)
I had a config.h file in my source that was conflicting with the auto-generated one
reichi 03:07 imo the problems are typical for "long running threaded operations"
there's nothing too special about using an npapi plugin as parent
Wavey 03:07 yup, that's true ...
reichi 03:07 only that you cannot say "no, i won't die now"
Wavey 03:07 hehehe
reichi 03:07 because you will
Wavey 03:07 Ah, by the way.. another topic ..
Is anybody building on Vs2012?
around here :P
reichi 03:07 I'm out
Wavey 03:07 ok!
to be more specific: I am looking for binary releases of libcurl.obj for v110 toolset ...
if anybody is aware of
Guest12610 03:07 i compile on 2012
Wavey 03:07 Did you compile your own libcurl / openssl? Or you are not using them at all?
Guest12610 03:07 not using them
i do other studd
Wavey 03:07 damn, I am stuck now :P
Guest12610 03:07 it's a bit of a problem if the user closes the browser while I am in a critical section
because I need my state to be consistent
reichi 03:07 no chance without an external application/service
Guest12610 03:07 if the destructor is called still that is not enough, it might be dead anyway
if someone kills me...
reichi 03:07 nothings dead there
but you'll get killed
if you don't die in time
most probably
Guest12610 03:07 I see
I was thinking to write down a start file and an ended file in order to understand if I ended in a consistent state
so that if I do not find the ended file I know I need to reset
reichi 03:07 hmm
you could md5sum files
Guest12610 03:07 kind of making my stuff atomic
yes my plugin has the task to update certain files to the user machine
and I am afraid that the browser might be closed right in the middle of a write or something like that, then I need to check and take care
reichi 03:07 closing is not required
Guest12610 03:07 so that when user reloads the page in future, I can recover the broken situation
reichi 03:07 navigating away will be enough
Guest12610 03:07 yes indeed
gans 04:07 y the firebreath not able to download
if i download y it can't extract
diorcety1 09:07 hum
how i refresh a DrawingModelCoreAnimation model ?
taxilian 09:07 diorcety1: with CA (as opposed to ICA) you just update the CALayer and it will work. it doesn't need to be refreshed specifically
with ICA you need to use InvalidateWindow()
diorcety1 09:07 the negotation give me now CA (before always a ICA) ... but i see no update i have to move/resize the window
taxilian 09:07 which browser?
diorcety1 09:07 firefox
Firefox 22.0 64 bits
taxilian 09:07 you shouldn't be getting CA, then
and something is wrong
you're sure you have ICA enabled?
diorcety1 09:07 i have in my custom log "Model=2"
taxilian 09:07 but what about FBMAC_USE_INVALIDATINGCOREANIMATION ?
diorcety1 09:07 indeed :|
taxilian 09:07 both set to 1? I don't know, then; that's really weird. you should definitely not be using CA on chrome or firefox
diorcety1 09:07 thanks thanks ... i don't know why i haven't FBMAC_USE_INVALIDATINGCOREANIMATION in my configuration
taxilian 09:07 look at the PluginConfig.cmake file in src/fbgen/ to verify the spelling
diorcety1 09:07 but even without it ... now it works ... the video is running