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McEasy 11:07 If I wanted to include extra files in my project across windows, linux, or mac.. would I edit the CMakeLists.txt file? I currently have linux working via the X11 directory with set SOURCES but I want the same files to be included on the other platforms.
taxilian 11:07 yes
CMakeLists.txt in your project for all platforms, platform/projectDef.cmake for specific ones
McEasy 12:07 Perfect, exactly what I was hoping how it worked. Thank you for the prompt response.
McEasy 12:07 is it as simple as adding "set (SOURCES ${cmake_current_source_dir}/foo.cpp" ? I don't want it overwriting any other sources in the platforms cmake.. (not completely familiar with cmake yet)
taxilian 12:07 if you're just adding a foo.cpp to your project root dir then the default cmakelists.txt will already find it
there is a GLOB in there that includes *.cpp
have you looked at CMakeLists.txt? it's pretty self explanatory how SOURCES are found
McEasy 12:07 oh nice, yeah it's just extra .cpp files in my project directory.
I don't see anything in CMakelists.txt that looks for extra sources (or any extra .cpp's)
they keyword SOURCES isn't even in my CMakeLists.txt