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FB_forActiveX 02:07 hello
what is the way to expose the interfaces as COM\ActiveX interfaces?
JS interfaces work fine, but the same interface is not exposed as ActiveX interface
dougma 02:07 it would be an IDispatch
FB_forActiveX 02:07 is there an object that implements IDispatch that i can derive from, like i derive from FB::JSAPIAuto?
dougma 02:07 not sure what you mean... FB takes care of exposing your API via IDispatch.
FB_forActiveX 02:07 for every class that i want to expose to JS, i just need to derive from FB::JSAPIAuto and use registerProperty
The same properties are not exposed as COM properties. I used OLE Object Viewer to check
dougma 02:07 that's correct.
FB doesn't do that.
FB_forActiveX 03:07 Any way to add the interface to COM?
reachjoy 06:07 I have a firebreath plugin, after running properly for a while , it starts behaving strange , it paints outside the browser, while inspecting the messages on windows it shows messages are pumping with HDC ,000000. Any one experienced it before?
dougma 06:07 no...!
which browser?
windowless or windowed?
diorcety1 06:07 seems windowless ..
reachjoy 06:07 it is a windowed plugin
dougma 06:07 have you created any child windows?
reachjoy 06:07 yes child windows are there
not specific to any browser.. but it is prominent on IE
dougma 06:07 sounds like you've messed up the message handling. :)
reachjoy 06:07 hmm, but we looked at all the possible messages from our child windows
dougma 06:07 and messages aren't delivered with a DC so what do you mean by that?
you must also consider messages to your child windows
reachjoy 06:07 we inspected the windows created using the spy++ on windows , then we found that it is WM_PAINT is pumbing with HDC=00000
dougma 06:07 hmm.... my spy++ doesn't show any HDC value on a WM_PAINT message
reachjoy 06:07 I am trying to reproduce it now, once I got it , I will post it here
dougma 06:07 probably it happens when you scroll the webpage?
reachjoy 06:07 it is happening sometimes while we are using the SetWindowPos API
I reproduced it, do I can upload the screen shot somewhere, so that you can see it
I captured the messages too as an image
kb_forActiveX 07:07 how can i expose the same interface that is exposed to JS to ActiveX (so it will be viewed by OLE Viewer)?
p88l 08:07 hi. What is the recommended way to add a used DLL to the Wix Installer (otherwise I'll get an ICE38 error, which seems unrelated)
Jordan__ 09:07 Is there any way for us to take use of firebreath as a static library just like any other framework?
On mac os x, each time I copy the project generated by the procedure to somewhere else it can not work any more. Any kind of advice would be appreciated. I am available via [email protected] . Thank you
taxilian 11:07 FYI to people, I'm out of town 'til Monday so I'll rarely be online
McEasy 12:07 So I'm stuck and could use some input. I'm sending a binary file via php readfile and am capturing the output in a jquery variable. I'd like to take this variable and send it to the plugin, where it would ultimately write the bytes to a file and save it. The issue is I have no idea what variable to use in the plugin that would match the format of the jquery variable. I've tried using "char* or char[]", but it produces a wall of compiler errors.
taxilian 13:07 McEasy: std::stream
std::string I mean
McEasy 15:07 I believe the tip worked tax, but now I'm having another issue. The chrome dev tool is showing this error when I call my new function. "Uncaught TypeError: Property 'saveBinary' of object #<HTMLObjectElement> is not a function"
The function saveBinary is in the .cpp, and has a register method and prototype in the .h. I re-built the project and copied the plugin to the correct folder, but still no luck. Any ideas?
tyoungbe 15:07 I'm having issues loading a debug build of a Firebreath plugin built using /MD
or rather /MDd
I don't get any system error or anything, it just fails to load
McEasy 17:07 btw solved my issue. Even though I was exiting the browser and reopening it, it was still somehow using the older plugin. Had to manually remove it and then copy the new plugin in for it to work (Linux environment)
chilei 23:07 i want to use fb to development vlc browser plugin, i know very litte about windows sdk , where should i begin to do this job?
dougma 23:07