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[Outcast] 07:07 So fix the WIX problem. backed up my VS project. reran fbgen. then put my VS project back in place then readded the installer project to the fire breath solution.
taxilian 08:07 [Outcast] you realize that all that fbgen does is configure the templates in the fbgen/src directory? there is no reason that you would have needed to rerun fbgen
I think I mentioned that before, though
[Outcast] 08:07 what triggers the create of the installer projects for wix?
taxilian 08:07 in your project, there is some code in Win/projectDef.cmake that defines it
what exactly sin't working, btw?
does it not create the _WixInstall project in the vs solution?
[Outcast] 12:07 I think first mistake was that I didn't have WiX installed the first time I ran fbgen
taxilian 12:07 wait wait wait
you are seriously operating under some serious misconceptions
read this 3 times: fbgen has nothing to do with whether or not wix will work
let me say that again: fbgen has nothing to do with whether or not wix will work
and just to make sure you're following: rerunning fbgen will not make any difference as to whether or not wix will work
fbgen doesn't check, doesn't *care*, and is not in *any* way affected by whether or not wix is installed
now, running the prep script does
so if it isn't working (and you still havne't answered my questions) then it may be because you didn't have wix installed when you ran the prep script
if that's the case, the solution is really really easy
delete your build dir, rerun the prep script
you never never never have to rerun fbgen
[Outcast] 14:07 cool
Thanks for clearing that up.