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[Outcast] 10:07 Greetings.
[Outcast] 10:07 So has anyone gotten WIX working?
Shibs 12:07 WIX works fine for me, is it not creating the msi for you or something?
[Outcast] 12:07 yes. I look through and saw that the WiX dir was not in the cmake cache
I added it. But I am not see anything. Looking back throughout the logs now.
the WIX creating I would assume would try to trigger after the compile right?
Shibs 12:07 Yup, but one thing I noticed is that you might have to re-run in order for it to use wix. Have you tried that?
[Outcast] 12:07 Trying to avoid that do the complexity of the libraries I have had to include. when I run fbgen now I have to spend hours "reconnecting" everything.
Shibs 12:07 Ouch, then I'm not too sure what you could do. Maybe look through fbgen and see where it sets wix up and do that manually (if that's even what you need).
Shibs 12:07 What wix version are you using?
[Outcast] 13:07 i had WIX 3.7 which was not detected
have that is
There has to be away to tigger it manually.
Shibs 14:07 How are you linking everything that's requiring so much time?
[Outcast] 15:07 compiling in pjsip
taxilian 15:07 There is no reason you'd need to rerun fbgen
and you should never be manually modifying the cmake cache
you may have to delete your build/ dir and rerun the prep script after installing wix
and I don't know for sure if 3.7 will work
Shibs 15:07 For reference, I'm using wix 3.8 with visual studio 2010 express and it works fine.