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antutu 04:07 Sir, I found my plugin can't work in ie10(win8) and ie8(win7) when I run it in as administrator.
When it doesn't run as administor, it works very well.
In administor accout, it works well.
cologneGuy 08:07 Hi there. I tried to register my freshly built npMyCoolPlugin.dll with regsvr32. Registering failed with error "Calling DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070715". Tried both on Window 7 Prof (64 bit) and on Windows Vista 32 bit. Windows error code is 1813L = "The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file". Any idea? I also tried to find something using dependency walker - but this tool is not very help
also tried to register both with 32bit and 64 bit regsvr32 on my Windows 7 system
taxilian 08:07 try building FBTestPlugin and see if that works
cologneGuy 08:07 I used prep2012 to prep for Visual Studio - no changes except adding some references to get it built (target_link_libraries) - should I try the same with prep2012 example?
taxilian 08:07 examples
cologneGuy 08:07 OK, will try (maybe I have to add the same target_link_libraries)
taxilian 08:07 what target_link_libraries have you added?
cologneGuy 08:07 psapi.dll and wininet.dll
taxilian 08:07 .dll?
you don't add .dlls to target_link_libraries
cologneGuy 08:07 sorry .lib
taxilian 08:07 okay
so if it can't find those dlls it won't load
cologneGuy 08:07 I have added the full (absolute) path and checked that the libs are there.
taxilian 08:07 libs don't matter at runtime
dlls do
cologneGuy 08:07 maybe it is about the windows driver kit - the system does not know where these libs / dlls are
cologneGuy 08:07 tried to prep2012 examples - got a lot of warnings and errors from cmake - seems that cmake cannot deal with spaces in file paths - e.g. the Windows Driver kit which is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Lib\Win8\um\x86\wininet.lib on my system. Any idea to get around this?
taxilian 08:07 are you using express?
cologneGuy 08:07 yes visual studio 2012 express
I know express does not contain mfc etc.
cologneGuy 09:07 I see, I have installed Windows Driver Kit 8 instead of 7.1 as recommended in the .Will deinstall 8 and install 7.1 and try again.
taxilian 09:07 so I haven't used vs2012 express and I won't be able to help you much with it :-/
cologneGuy 09:07 there are too many compilers and IDEs and build environements to know them all, thanks anyway.
Shibs 12:07 ok, this is probably a very dumb question and I might be using firebreath completely wrong, but here goes. I want to print output from the .cpp file to the browser. Before, I have been doing this via returning strings and in the html file I'm loading, I'd just document.write the strings. Now I want to print results mid function without having to return. Is there a good way of doing this?
cologneGuy 13:07 No luck, I de-installed WDK 8 and installed WDK 7.1 with "Build Environement" selected. Now I tried to built the raw plugin after prep2012. I got some 43 errors from the linker stating that some very popular and very basic includes are missing such as "Windows.h". I tried to add the path for these (C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\inc\api) in the VS project properties (C++ Additional Includes) = total compiler crash with more than 400 err
Same when I added this path (C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\inc\api) in the CMakerList.txt of the project. Does /mfc42 and /api bite each other?
mrts 13:07 hi! bool foo(const std::string& docHash); works well in Firefox, but when I try to register the plugin with regsvr32, I get the "0x80020005 DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH Type mismatch" error. Is std::string argument supported in ActiveX?
(I can't outrule that error is caused by something else, but this was my first guess)
aha, is this a unicode issue - should I perhaps use std::wstring& instead?
taxilian 13:07 mrts: I have no idea what you're talking about; why would a function affect whether or not it registers with regsvr32?
mrts 13:07 I was inspired by
quoting: A Type Mismatch error is simple to resolve. It ordinarily indicates that you're trying to pass an incorrect data type to a method:
taxilian 13:07 there is nothing in your firebreath plugin that would affect what happens in regsvr32 in that way
mrts 13:07 ok, thanks
taxilian 13:07 though it's possible there is an error in your PluginConfig file
try building FBTestPlugin from examples/ for comparison
mrts 13:07 haven't touched PluginConfig, it's pristine from fbgen
ok, will try
taxilian 13:07 fbgen doesn't validate that the entries are good
so you could still have bad data in there
bad quotes, etc
mrts 13:07 yeah, I was the one who sent the pull request for that
taxilian 13:07 ok
lyonwarrior 15:07 hi, anyone knows how or where i can see how call methods in activex from plugin generated in firebreath
Shibs 16:07 tax (or anyone else with useful info), what is the best way to print output from the .cpp file? Currently I'm just printing my returned strings, but I'd like for it to print messages without returning.
taxilian 17:07 Shibs: I generally use log4cplus
there are instructions on the wiki
Shibs 18:07 Thanks for the info!
antutu 19:07 @taxilian Sir, I found my plugin can't work in ie10(win8) and ie8(win7) when I run it in as administrator.
I tested FBControl.html and found it can't work.
taxilian 19:07 antutu are you logged in as administrator or just running it as administrator?
antutu 19:07 run it as administrator
In administrator acoount, it works well
taxilian 19:07 that's most likely because you're installing it per-user, not per-machine
so when you try to access it running as the wrong user, it doesn't work
antutu 19:07 I use regsvr32
How to install it rightly
taxilian 19:07 there is an option in PluginConfig.cmake that you can change to make it install per-machine