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Naresh_ 05:07 Can i know what we needed to implement this plugin like softwares etc.. is there any document .
reichi 05:07 what do you mean?
have you read that?
Naresh_ 05:07 no just now i open it
as iam planing to create a plugin for my own virtual world
like spot on 3d
Joeboy 05:07 Is there any primer on how to use gtk with firebreath? ie. how to get a container I can add gtk widgets to?
vijaya 05:07 yes, i am also looking for this plugin for my virtual world.
like on SpotOn3D
Joeboy 05:07 getWindow gets me a GdkWindow*, which I guess I need to mess about with to get a Gtk::Window or something
(I don't know gtkmm at all unfortunately)
dougma 06:07 vijaya: Naresh_ maybe you should work together
vijaya 06:07 but he is also asking same question
it seems he alos dosnt know about it
but what you said thats correct
mr naresh we need a person who knows more then us
is any one help us in this project
Matteo_ 06:07 hello
is anyone online?
Guest14858 06:07 can u plz.. help how to setup path for git
reichi 07:07 ?
there are tons of git howtos around
and a github client for windows an mac
Matteo_ 07:07 hello guys, I wanted to ask when is it "onStreamFailedOpen" supposed to be called? I am trying to open an http request and it just completes with 0 length, without triggering "onStreamFailedOpen"
it triggers onStreamCompleted "stream->getLength() = 0"
my request is made toward a dummy page which does not exist
something like
reichi 07:07 git grep can help very quickly solving questions like that one ;)
$ git grep -n StreamFailedOpen
NpapiCore/NpapiStream.cpp:102: StreamFailedOpenEvent ev(this);
first hit is the hit ;)
following that leads to two places where "signalFailedOpen" is being called
there seems to be only one case where it is raised
if ( s->isSeekableRequested() && !s->isSeekableByServer() )
where s is the NpapiStream
Matteo_ 07:07 i also found it in one place where it's actually commented out that call signalFailedOpen
reichi 07:07 yes
in NpapiStream.cpp
Matteo_ 07:07 yes
but there are more places indeed
you are right, didn't figure out it was possible to search -_-
reichi 07:07 (git grep is btw a tool of almost epic dimensions ;))
Matteo_ 07:07 indeed!
this tool is awesome, for sure i'll ask my boss to make a donation to this project
reichi 07:07 (if you don't know grep, you can also git grep -n)
to see the linenumbers
i'm just a user
as you are :)
Matteo_ 07:07 ahaha ok :)
reichi 07:07 but it picked the project apart and reasse4mbled it for my use-case ;)
matteo_ 07:07 reichi the problem is that who knows with which logic that signalFailedOpen() is called
matteo_ 07:07 is I comment that call in then I get called
this piece :
if ( !isOpen() && !success ) { signalFailedOpen(); }
was commented out
maybe there was a reason
dougma 07:07 matteo_: maybe if you try to connect to an unresolvable hostname you'll see a StreamFailedOpenEvent?
matteo_ 07:07 no i don't
reichi 07:07 matteo_: best person to ask why it's commented is taxillian
dougma 07:07 you know... which would be unlike a 404 response
reichi 07:07 whould be around in an hour or 2
matteo_ 07:07 it returns anyway onStreamCompleted with length 0
if the url is dummy
dougma 07:07 and whats the result code?
matteo_ 07:07 no result code because the server is actually not running
dougma 07:07 ok.
matteo_ 07:07 but still it completes with length 0
I "expected" StreamFailedOpenEvent in that case
reichi 07:07 maybe it is more of an interpretation issue
matteo_ 07:07 yes probably
indeed it could be that both fail and complete need to be called
dougma 07:07 net result you got nothing. :)
matteo_ 07:07 ok then I ask taxillian
if he is here sometime
dougma 07:07 different browser may well trigger different behaviour too.
taxilian 08:07 good morning all
reichi 08:07 morning taxillian
taxilian 08:07 have a good weekend?
reichi 08:07 definitely
taxilian 08:07 glad to hear it =]
... "hear" being figurative... :-P
reichi 08:07 7 weeks to go till holidays
3 weeks in california :)
taxilian 08:07 heh. sounds fun
I have about that long 'til my next child is expected
reichi 08:07 i hope so!
taxilian 08:07 so that'll be time off work as well, but probably not quite as relaxing =]
reichi 08:07 oh, congratz :)
cologneGuy 08:07 Hi there, I have a problem compiling / linking Firebreath (Visual Studio Express 2012) error C2661: make_shared.hpp (Boost shared_ptr lib): Overloaded Function does not support 2 Arguments - any idea about that?
taxilian 08:07 sounds like you're trying to use make_shared but you're passing the wrong number of arguments for the constructor of the class you're using
go up in the stack one or two levels to where it actually calls boost::make_shared<type> and check
cologneGuy 08:07 OK, will try so.
Joeboy 08:07 I'm still having absolutely no success drawing to the plugin window using gtk
Any clues?
taxilian 08:07 Joeboy: I don't do gtk drawing, I'm afraid
but others have succeeded, so it must be possible
make sure FB_GUI_DISABLED isn't set in your pluginconfig
Joeboy 08:07 ./gen/global/config.h:#define FB_GUI_DISABLED 0
Seems to be what I have
taxilian 08:07 you realize that you should never be modifying that file directly, right?
I was talking about your PluginConfig.cmake file
Joeboy 08:07 Yeah, I just grepped it
taxilian 08:07 however, that's what configures the line you mentioned
so you should be good that way
I haven't a clue
sorry :-/
Joeboy 08:07 Ok, ty anyway
jckwik 08:07 so I think I'm now having a problem with heat generating my wix installer files. The files used to work, but when I generated a new project on friday afternoon it failed to compile initially. I thought it was something that I had done, and recreated it this morning. On first compile it throws ae error: LGHT0204: ICE38: Component cmpC819C630702AFE79687EDB8DFE93C9D3 installs to user profile. It must use a registry key under HKCU as
taxilian 08:07 check the generated np<plugin name>.wxs file
if it's missing the com registration entries then you're probably missing a DLL depedency that your plugin requires
jckwik 08:07 IThat file is different from any of the files that were generated before (in other projects)
also, the project is a brand new project that I just made
cologneGuy 08:07 No success - don't knwo who is calling make_shared (method is boost::shared_ptr) - must be something internal in Firebreath?
taxilian 08:07 cologneGuy if you follow the compiler error you'll find it
you may have to go up a level or two
jckwik 08:07 so it technically /should/ be compiling (I haven't had issues before)
taxilian 08:07 but it's all printed out there in the error message
if you have to copy the full build log to a gist or pastebin and paste it here
jckwik: you're doing other fb projects so I wouldn't think this would be the issue, but you're sure you're not trying to build it 64 bit instead of 32 or anything silly like that, right?
jckwik 08:07 I shouldn't be. I don't think I would have accidentally changed that
taxilian 08:07 it'd be the prep script you run
prep2010_64.cmd instead of prep2010.cmd, for example
jckwik 08:07 checked my cmd log, definitely ran the prep2012.cmd file
taxilian 08:07 and you haven't made any changes to the fbgen'd project code yet?
jckwik 08:07 correct
taxilian 09:07 no, that looks fine
jckwik 09:07 that's both the old and the new file
taxilian 09:07 oh, n/m
yeah, try running regsvr32 on the generated file
see if it succeeds
jckwik 09:07 on the dll?
taxilian 09:07 yes
jckwik 09:07 gave an error. Loaded the dll but the call to the regsvr failed. Let me look up the error code
taxilian 09:07 if you can figure out why that's failing, that's your problem
it could be something formatted badly in your PluginConfig.cmake file
cologneGuy 09:07 I think, Factory.cpp is calling the share_ptr method. I'm in the "Getting started" phase, just try to compile the example with the add, subtract, etc. methods in
jckwik 09:07 except i haven't played with that either. It was failing to compile right after creating the project.
taxilian 09:07 cologneGuy I believe it does use make_shared by default; did you change the number of parameters that the constructor in your ?Plugin.cpp object takes?
jckwik fbgen doesn't do sanity checks on the input, so if you put bad data in there it'll put the bad data into PluginConfig.cmake
cologneGuy 09:07 yes, there have been 2 param, which I throw out, because I don't need them. Maybe I have to change entries elsewhere.
jckwik 09:07 ahh. I wonder if there's limits I don't know about in there. I'll take a look. That was be disappointing to have spent 4 hours on this because of that. heh
taxilian 09:07 cologneGuy a boost::make_shared<ClassName>(...) should take the same arguments as the constructor would
so yes, that's your problem
jckwik 09:07 should domain have a www in front of it? I realize that's about the only thing I've changed between plugins. This new one does, the old one did not
taxilian 09:07 makes no difference
you could try deleting the build dir and reprepping
jckwik 09:07 I technically did that by remaking the entire project this morning. But yeah I'll try that again and see what happens
taxilian 09:07 other than that, I don't know. you could debug through regsvr32
open up the generated .rgs file and see if anything looks weird
jckwik 09:07 does it just drop that where it was run?
taxilian 09:07 ?
the generated .rgs file is in the build/ directory
probably in projects/<your plugin>/gen/
build/projects/... that is
cologneGuy 09:07 Got it! There was a call in the "MyPlugIn".cpp. Fixed that - now I get some linker errors - will have a close look on them. Thanks for the hints.
jckwik 09:07 the .rgs looks okay to me but I don't know exactly what I'm looking for
taxilian 09:07 cologneGuy: make sure when you update any calls that you update both the .h and the .cpp file, or you could end up with linker errors. could be something else, of course
jckwik: wrong .rgs file
there is another one, same folder
jckwik 09:07 hah totally missed the second one
taxilian 09:07 honestly I'd forgotten about the first one
jckwik 09:07
still looks okay to me but I'm not sure what i'm looking at/for
taxilian 09:07 hmm. don't see any problems offhand
jckwik 09:07 so what fills in the directory Id in the pluginInstaller.wxs file?
that appears to be the source of my issue, as regenerating the code left the id blank
I forgot that I had thrown in AppDataFolder the first time (which may or may not actually have worked)
taxilian 09:07 jckwik: the source of your issue is the dllregisterserver fails
if that doesn't work then nothing else will
maybe you have an additional issue, but tha'ts the big one
jckwik 09:07 okay then I'll keep looking into that
GoodStuff 09:07 Hello
Awesome stuff, just dropping to say thank you :)
EBDev 09:07 I have a few questions about Windows compiling when someone has a chance.
taxilian 10:07 okay
EBDev 10:07 I am trying to compile on a machine running Windows 7 with VS 2010 Express and I am getting a ton of errors when trying to run the prep2010 command.
Is there any reason that configuration is funky? Whats the most stable OS VS paring?
johto 10:07 I just did that yesterday and it worked. what errors are you seeing? (on a paste site, please)
EBDev 10:07 Trying to get the windows computer back up and running so I can get the exact errors, but it was 20+ of the same error saying /example/example/example/file is not a FIREBREATH plugin
taxilian 10:07 sounds like you didn't run the prep script with the right parameters
EBDev 10:07 Ah, ok. Will investigate. Thanks!
jckwik 10:07 just to follow up it seems I screwed up something in the firebreath core files at some point, as downloading the firebreath project off of the website and creating a project with exactly the same starting parameters compiled and worked just fine. I'm guessing one of the changes that I made in my last project changed something in a global class that caused something to break
honestly I'm not surprised as I am trying to juryrig and play around with the installers. The upside to this is that I might be able to make a tutorial on creating projects with multiple wix installers after this
cologneGuy 11:07 Hi again - I ran the prep2012 script again to get a fresh build on my Windows7 laptop. Now, when building the freshly generated files on Visual Studio 2012 Express I got 7 (fatal) linker errors - mainly "unresolved external symbols". Whats wring (I did not install the booster libs separately...)
EBDev 11:07 I had the "unresolved external symbols" error too at one point. I think it was the furthest I've gotten with a microsoft plugin build
EBDev 11:07 Well, I restarted the Windows machine and all the errors are gone in the terminal. Thats some magic
And now I am getting a bunch of error LNK2005 in the VS console
and I followed SCJohn's suggestions for VS 2010 express
And it says almost everything is out of date
EBDev 12:07 And now it says fatal error LNK1120
taxilian 14:07 EBDev I don't acutally have all of the link error messages memorized
so unless you want to give me the rest of the message, I can't do much with that
EBDev 14:07 @taxilian, sorry about that. How about this:
taxilian 14:07 looks like you aren't linking one of your libraries
I don't know those calls, so I'm not sure where they'd come from
EBDev 14:07 The code is exactly the same as the OS X code that is compiling happily. Is there any windows library I should link to?
taxilian 14:07 google search shows this as one of the calls you're missing:
Contained in Hid.lib. Link to Hid.lib.
try adding "hid.lib" as a target_link_library in your Win/projectDef.cmake
EBDev 14:07 Sorry, I'm having no luck finding that file besides the raw file. When I open it in notepad it's jibberish
taxilian 14:07 ...
don't ever edit code files with notepad
at least use notepad++
but any source code editor can open your projectDef.cmake file
it's in the Win subdirectory of your plugin project
EBDev 14:07 Ok. So by add in hid.lib, do you mean #include hid.lib like in regular C normalness? Or is there more quirk?
I see a place to add libraries, but it gets even more upset when I add Hid.lib
taxilian 15:07 err
have you not looked at the Using Libraries page on
'cause if you haven't, now would be a good time to do so
EBDev 15:07 Ahh, ok, thanks!
Ok. One step closer. Now I am having an error that says "UNABLE TO START PROGRAM" C;\STUFF\STUFF\STUFF\ALL_BUILD
taxilian 15:07 ? weird
try building your plugin target instead of ALL_BUILD
you're using the latest cmake, right?
EBDev 15:07 yessir
I've got some more funky stuff. I'll pastebin it for you
I got this after trying to only compile the target:
taxilian 15:07 delete your build dir, rerun prep
EBDev 15:07 Now Im getting a new error saying no signtool certificate found. I can pastebin the entire dialog
taxilian 15:07 that hsoulnd't be an error
only a warning
a notice
EBDev 15:07 Oh, true, if found an error in projectdef.cmake
EBDev 15:07 Still unhappy with the hid.lib
taxilian 15:07 is it the same message?
same missing symbols?
EBDev 15:07 I've tried a few things, but it keeps giving me an error saying it can't open the file. I even tried listing the directories to help locate the file
taxilian 15:07 you shoulnd't need to put any directories
just hid.lib
it's a system library, I think
it's in the windows ddk
EBDev 15:07 well, if it couldnt find it, I would be getting an 1181 link error but I am getting an 1104 instead which is the error when it cant open the file
taxilian 15:07 no idea :-/